Inno Car Fishing Rod Racks

IF6 fishing rod rack installed to third row grab handles in an SUV with fishing rods. Inno IF6 fishing rod rack installed in place of the 3rd row grab handles.
The Inno IF fishing car rod holder provides a safe way to transport your valuable fishing rods making use of the overhead space in your car for your fishing equipment. Your fishing rods are held securely inside your car and away from other gear so they are much safer than fishing rods carried in the trunk or on a roof rack. Also, you can set up your rods in advance and start fishing sooner.

IF4 Fishing Rod Holder

  • Load Capacity of 15.4lbs (7kg).
  • Holds up to 7 rods
  • J-Hook shaped holders with rubber band
  • J-Hook holders fit diameters up to 32mm.
  • Works with 2-piece rods for sea bass and boat fishing
  • Telescopic rods (rock fishing, boat fishing, surf casting, landing net handles, and gaffs) compatible.
  • A rod belt should be used for jointed fishing rods.
  • A cover should be used with a telescopic extension rod.
  • Load front holder before the rear holder.
  • Buy Now $170.99
Inno IF4 fishing pole rack installed in SUV carrying larger fishing rods in J-hook rod mountsInstalled IF4 Fishing Rod Rack

IF4 car fishing rod rack front holder holding 2 piece rod.IF4 Front Rod Holder
IF4 fishing rod rear rod holder holding large grip and tip section.IF4 Rear Rod Holder

IF6 and IF8 Fishing Rod Holder

  • Load Capacity of 15.4lbs (7kg)
  • IF6 holds 5 rods, IF8 holds 8 rods
  • Rear Holder has positive latching mechanism and rubber cushions. The rear rod holder holds grips up to 34mm and tips up to 16mm
  • Front holders are hook type with foam rubber keepers. They hold grips up to 16 mm and tips up to 8mm
  • The rod holders are repositionable anywhere along the support.
  • Works with both one-piece and two-piece rods
  • Not compatible with telescopic rods
  • Load front holder before the rear holder
  • IF6 Buy Now$215.99
  • IF8 Buy Now$242.99
IF8 car fishing rod holder holds up to 8 rodsIF8 Fishing Rod Rack

IF front dual holder holding smaller butt and tip.IF6 and IF8 Front Rod Holder
IF rear dual holder holding 2-piece fly rodIF6 and IF8 Rear Rod Holder

Installation Requirements

Car grab handle mount diagram.
Car grab handle mount details, cover reveals screw, remove scres and handle comes off leaving square mounting holeGrab handles typically have concealed fasteners and they are attached to either threaded holes of a rectangular opening
To use the IF fishing rod holder your vehicle must have 2nd row or preferably 3rd row grab handles and adequate head room for the fishing rods. Installing the fishing rod holders requires removing one set of grab handles, the IF rod holder will install to your vehicle in place of your grab handles. Most grab handles have either a bolt attachment point or a square/rectangular cutout (Please view pictures for further clarification) often the attachment hardware is concealed. For vehicles with an M5 or M6 existing bolt attachment point, you can reuse the M5 or M6 original grab handle bolts if they are long enough; if the bolts are too short, you may need to purchase longer bolts. For vehicles with square/rectangular cut-outs the cut-out must be between 3/8" and 7/16" tall, the IF rod holder includes pull-in nuts and mounting screws for installing the fishing rod holder. The Inno fishing rod holder is a ceiling rack inside your car that carries your fishing rods like an exterior car roof rack would carry bikes. Since this rack takes up space at the ceiling of your vehicle, it reduces head room in your seats, which may result in the seats becoming unusable for some passengers.
  • Please read installation carefully.
  • Assembly required.
  • Vehicle interior overhead must be long enough to house your longest fishing rod.
  • Vehicle must have removable grab handles.
  • Vehicle must have preexisting M5 or M6 mounting bolt attachment or square/rectangular cutout where grab handle attaches to vehicle, with the cutout height between 3/8" and 7/16".
  • Width between the base of the grab handles must be between 35-1/2" (900mm) and 47" (1200mm).
  • Only tool required is a screwdriver (NOT included).
  • Please be careful when removing grab handles and installing the rack.

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