Highland Rotating Hook Ratchet Tie-down Straps with extra grip webbing - 1" x 8' Pair

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These ratchet tie-down straps by Highland have two very unique features that make securing your cargo easier. Each 1" wide strap has large swivel hooks on the ends for hooking to your truck bed, trailer, or other surface. The hooks rotate up to 360 degress, so you don't end up with annoying twisted straps. Tho other cool feature: the black extra-grip webbing has rubber strands woven into it on the underside of the strap. This gives the strap traction so it stays in place better while traveling. It can also help protect the finish of whatever gear you are strapping down. The swiveling steel hooks are vinyl coated for the same non-scratch protection. The padded grip ratchet on these tie-downs lets you crank up the tension for a vise-like grip, and it has an easy quick-relase button. Each standard duty tie-down strap has a maximum length of 8 feet and a 600 lb load capacity. Color: Black. Made by Highland. Manufacturer's part number: 1153600

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