Rhino-Rack Spare Tire Strap for Platform Roof Tray

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CargoGear Item#:  RKPSTS
Rhino-Rack Part: RSWS
Rhino-Rack Spare Wheel Strap for Rhino-Rack Pioneer Roof Trays. Consists of three 4.26ft (1.3m) polyester webbing straps with PE plastic-coated steel S-hooks and a three-way strap. The three-way strap features a stainless steel ring with 3 short straps attached: 2 with cambuckles and 1 with a stainless steel ratchet. Requires 3 eye bolts (sold separately) to provide attachment points to fasten Spare Tire Strap on Pioneer Roof Trays. Securing a spare tire is simple - center the stainless steel ring on the tire with the 2 cambuckles and tighten the spare tire strap down with the ratchet. Manufacturer's part number: RSWS

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