Spidy Gear Luggage Webb - 30" x 40" unstretched, Black

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CargoGear Item#:  SGLUGGWEBS
Spidy Gear Part: 80122-01
Spider web design nets offer the strongest hold. The Luggage Webb net is made of quality 6mm bungee cord that is durable and fade resistant. It can stretch up to 1.5 times its original size! The spider web design offers more cords in center, which is farther from the hooks, this provides an even strong hold. There is a center stainless steel ring which balances the net's strength right where it is needed at the center of the load. The Spidey Gear Luggage Webb is great for use with vans, station wagons, and cars with roof racks or baskets. Includes 12 plastic hooks, 4 chrome d-rings and a drawstring mesh storage bag. 90-day warranty. Colors: Choose black, blue, red, or yellow. Manufacturer's part number: 80122-01
CargoGear Reviews
5 stars5 stars - Great for JK 4 dr Jeeps!
Written by , on 7/30/2014

I use it to prevent groceries from moving around, to prevent gym bag from moving around but mostly to keep the zip out windows securely stowed when the top is down.

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