Tarpeez® Truck Bed Tarp, Standard bed (6.5 ft)

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Tarpeez® is a durable, expandable tarp that protects the stuff in your truck bed. The unique Tarpeez® design is simpler and more efficient than regular tarps or nets. It's surrounded by one continuous piece of bungee, and has 8 specialized plastic hooks that secure the tarp to your truck from the front rail, side rails, and bumper. It can be used when your truck bed is empty or full, and be adjusted to load size in a matter of seconds. This cover is designed to fit Standard bed trucks (6.5 ft long) and is 5 ft wide. The navy blue urethane-coated Nylon taffeta Tarpeez® comes in a matching storage bag and fits conveniently under the seat of your truck when you are not hauling a load. Use a Tarpeez® tarp to protect your load from sun and rain, protect others from debris, and keep America's highways clean! Made in the USA. Manufacturer's part number:
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5 stars5 stars - I wish I had known about it years ago!
Written by , on 10/12/2012

I have had a Tarpeez for a couple of years and. Wouldn't give it up for anything. I take my own trash to the landfill and pick up loads of both compost and mulch. It takes 2 minutes at the most to tarp my loads instead of tying a tarp over my truck bed. The cost of the Tarpeez is well worth the lack of aggravation and time saved each time I use it. It is easy to roll up and put back lb the bag. I

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