Yakima Baseline Towers for Streamline Roof Rack

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CargoGear Item#:  YKSLBL
Yakima Part: 8000146
Part of the Yakima Streamline Roof Rack system, the Yakima BaseLine towers are designed for vehicles without factory roof rails or gutters. Yakima BaseLine Towers is NOT a complete base roof rack. Yakima 8000146 consist of 4 BaseLine towers, 1 torque tool, and 1 parts bag. For a complete Streamline roof rack, you must also purchase in addition to the BaseLine Towers,
  1. a set of Yakima JetStream, CoreBar, or RoundBar crossbars and
  2. the required Yakima baseclips for your vehicle.
Using Yakima RoundBar crossbars with the BaseLine towers will require the Yakima RoundBar SL Adapter (sold separately). BaseLine towers are compatible with Yakima SKS lock system, sold separately. Manufacturer's part number: 8000146

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