Rhino Rack Backbone Wrangler Rack Systems

The Backbone rack system for the JK Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. The Backbone Skeleton reinforces the Wrangler roof and provides mounting points for RhinoRack vortex crossbars or the rugged Pioneer platform sized just for the Wrangler. The reinforcements are on the inside, so your Jeep keeps its good looks and you can take the roof off with the rack system in place. From $779 CHOOSE YOUR JEEP

Rhinorack Backbone platform rack on Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with skeleton reinforcement Rhinorack Backbone platform rack on Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Rhino Rack Backbone with pioneer Jeep roof platform with welded raised side rails
RhinoRack Backbone system on Wrangler Unlimited with Pioneer Platform with welded raised side rails
Rhino Backbone reinforcement system on Wrangler with Vortex Aero crossbars.
RhinoRack Backbone system with 3 Vortex Aero cross-bars.

The Rhino Rack Backbone System for the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. The backbone system is a roof rack system created specifically for the JK series Wrangler Unlimited. The components are designed specifically for the Jeep so things fit right and look great. The load capacity of the system is 240 lbs (100 kg). The endoskeleton that supports the back two attachment points installs to the Jeep hard top. For the front attachment point a lower support plate attaches to the roll-bar using existing bolts, an upper plate attaches to the hard-top, the upper plate simply rests on the lower plate for support. So with the system installed, the hard top can be removed without any additional disassembly; taking the roof off or putting it on remains the same as before the rack was installed.

The Backbone system consists of:Jeep Wrangler Hard-top reinforcing skeleton

1) The Rhino Backbone reinforcing skeleton that installs to the inside of the Jeep hard-top and creates three mounting points on the outside of the top. It does require drilling, the kit includes printed templates so you get the holes just right and peal and stick gaskets for the roof top attachment points.

2) A special version of the RhinoRack Pioneer Platform rack designed specifically to attach to the Backbone skeleton OR RhinoRack Vortex Aero cross-bars. The platform for the backbone system is 72" x 56" and is available with siderails or without side rails. The cross-bars for the backbone system are 59".

We sell the systems as packages so you get just what you need for your Jeep. CHOOSE YOUR JEEP

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RhinoRack Pioneer Roller $122.40
RhinoRack Pioneer Roller
Shovel Mount $66.60
Shovel bracket
Hi-Lift Jack Holder $86.40
Hi Lift Jack Holder
Light Bracket
Light Bracket
Spare Tire Holder $99.90
Spare tire holder
Awning Bracket $59
Awning bracket
Horizontal Jerry Can Holder $127.80
Horizontal jerry can holder
Vertical Jerry Can Holder $127.80
Vertical jerry can holder

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