Rhino Rack Vortex SX Series Roof Racks for Roof Rails

The newly updated Vortex SX series racks from Rhino Rack. The SX racks now include the quiet and aerodynamic Vortex cross-bars and SXB rack legs. $350.10 CONFIGURE A RACK FOR YOUR CAR

Rhino Rack Vortex RS roof rack on the raised roof rails of a VW Tiguan.
Vortex RS roof rack leg close up installed on Grand Cherokee
RhinoRack Vortex SX rack on Jeep Patriot raised roof rails. (shown with the regular rubber strip, not the VRX rubber strip that is included with the current rack package.
Vortex RS roof rack leg close up installed on Grand Cherokee
RhinoRack Vortex SX rack on Kia Sportage flush roof rails. (note: VRX rubber strip is included with the current Vortex SX rack package.

The Rhino Rack Vortex SX cross-bar systems are for cars with roof rails; it is a GREAT RACK with aerodynamic aluminum cross-bars at a really GREAT PRICE.  The SX system fits SUVs and cars with both raised and flush roof rails.

The Vortex SX rack cross-bars and legs are customized to fit specific cars, SX rack legs have a number of configurations, but they are not the same, so you need to configure a Vortex SX rack to fit your car.Vortex cross bar close up showing VRX strip that siliences the aerodynamic crossbars. The Vortex cross-bars  that come with the SX system come in silver or black; they include the VRX rubber strip across the top of the cross-bar that virtually eliminates wind noise; wind noise and vibration are problems with many square and round bar systems.Vortex cross bar with vortex defeating VRX strip The SX rack packages come with everything you need for a custom fit to your SUV or car. The base rack package includes: the cross-bars, the legs and the clamping system required to attach to the roof rails on a specific vehicle, and locks and keys to lock the rack to the car rails. The top photo features the install of the Rhino Rack Vortex SX system on a Tiguan with raised factory rails.

The RhinoRack Vortex SX racks come in two basic styles. The SXB legs for RAISED rails and the SRB legs for FLUSH roof rails. To the left photos show the SX raised rail system and flush rail system. There are several different rack legs for the raised rail systems to accommodate the different shape of the rail to which they are to be attached. The same rack leg works for all the flush rails SX rack systems. The various rack legs are pictured to the left.

SX023 rack leg Slide in the rack leg. Clamping mechanism is inside the rack cross-bar. SX023 rack leg Use included tool to tighten leg and clamp it to the roof rail SX023 rack leg Slide in the cross-bar end cap and lock.

The rack legs have rubber pads on both the body of the leg (outer part of clamp), and the inner clamp. The thick rubber pad on the body of the clamp, called the leg insert squeezes and contours around the roof rail upon tightening for a nice appearance. Also, the mechanism that provides the clamping power is inside the cross-bars for an ultra clean look. The clamp is tightened (or loosened) by removing the cross-bar end-cap. The rack is locked to the car by locking the endcaps to the cross-bar thus defeating the access to the clamping mechanism.

The diagrams to the right come from the instructions. There are a few more steps in the rack installation process, but overall, installation is easy. The racks can be easily removed and reinstalled, too

Rhino Rack cross-bars are compatible with all Rhino Rack accessories as well as most accessories from Thule, Inno and other aftermarket rack makers. CargoGear has compatibility tables for Thule and Inno accessories.

SX001 rack leg
RhinoRack Vortex SX: SX001, SX035 Rack Leg.
SX002 rack leg
RhinoRack Vortex SX: SX002, SX003, SX004, SX009, SX010, SX011, SX012, SX013, SX014, SX015, SX017, SX020, SX021, SX022, SX034 Rack Leg.
Show all SX Rack Legs
SX005 rack leg
RhinoRack Vortex SX: SX005, SX008, SX018, SX019 Rack Leg.
SX006 rack leg
RhinoRack Vortex SX: SX006 Rack Leg.
SX007 rack leg
RhinoRack Vortex SX:  SX007 Rack Leg.
SX023 rack leg
RhinoRack Vortex SX:  SX023, SX024, SX025, SX026, SX027, SX028, SX030, SX031, SX032, SX033 Rack Leg.

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