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DeeZee Heavy Weight Custom fit Truck Bed Mat

DeeZee Heavy Weight Custom fit Truck Bed Mat
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DeeZee custom molded truck bed mats are made from 3/8" (9.52 mm) thick Nyracord®, a cord reinforced rubber compound. They resist most chemicals, and will not crack or break in extreme temperatures. DeeZee heavy weight bed mats are extremely abrasion and tear resistant. They feature a ribbed top surface and a knobby underside so that moisture is not trapped between the bedmat and truck bed, preventing rust and mold. DeeZee truck bed liner mats are designed to fit your truck exactly, and there are applications available to fit most pickup truck models. Made by Dee Zee.

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Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon 6 ft bed, 2004-2012$114.28
Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon Crew Cab 5 ft bed, 2004-2012$114.28
Chevy/GMC Fullsize Longbed (8 ft), 2007-2015$139.15
Chevy/GMC Fullsize Longbed, 1988-1998$139.15
Chevy/GMC Fullsize Longbed, 1999-2006$139.15
Chevy/GMC Fullsize Shortbed (6.5 ft), 2007-2015$114.28
Chevy/GMC Fullsize Shortbed, 1999-2006$114.28
Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra CrewCab (5.5 ft bed), 2007-2015$114.28
Dodge Ram 6.5 ft bed, 2003-2015$114.28
Dodge Ram 8 ft Longbed, 2003-2015$139.15
Ford F-150 Longbed, 2004-2014$139.15
Ford F-150 Longbed, 2015$139.15
Ford F-150 Shortbed, 2009-2014$136.27
Ford F-150 Shortbed, 2015$114.28
Ford F-150 SuperCrew 5.5 ft bed, 2004-2014$114.28
Ford F-150 SuperCrew 5.5 ft bed, 2015$114.28
Ford Ranger Shortbed, 1982-2011$134.95
Ford SuperDuty Longbed, 1999-2015$139.15
Ford SuperDuty Shortbed, 1999-2015$114.28
Honda Ridgeline, 2006-2013$114.28
Nissan Frontier Shortbed (trims to fit Crew Cab), 2005-2015$114.28
Toyota Tacoma 6' Shortbed (trims to fit 5' bed), 2005-2014$114.28
Toyota Tacoma Shortbed, 1989-2004$104.40
Toyota Tundra 6.5 ft Standard bed, 2007-2015$114.28
Toyota Tundra Crew Max 5.5 ft Short bed, 2007-2015$114.28

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