Reviews - Car Roof Rack - Inno SU Base Rack System with Locks

Overall Rating: 4.5 stars
4.5 stars - 84 reviews
4 stars 4 stars - Good Alternative
Written by DeWayne, on 7/18/2019

I purchased this 2 weeks ago. I had some slight confusion while installing, but customer service was very helpful. I used this on my 2017 Ford Flex. We used it for a rooftop carrier on our road trip from Michigan to North Carolina. I'd recommend if your using in a long trip to re-tighten after a few hours. My only complaint would be that one is the bolts on it is already starting to rust. That's a big disappointing after only 1 trip. It is an easy install and a good alternative. I'll be interested to see if more and more continues after continues use. - - -

5 stars 5 stars - 2010 Nissan Cube Kayaking Roof Rack system
Written by Kristine, on 6/12/2019

This was the easiest roof rack I have ever used. Instructions are amazing. Kayaking has always been so fun and now with this rack I can load up and go with no worries. 10/10 recommend

5 stars 5 stars - Great
Written by Ree, on 5/21/2019

I purchased this roof rack system to carry my kayak. Installing was easy. Now just waiting for decent weather to take my kayak out. Lets just hope I tie it down well enough.

3 stars 3 stars - Fast shipping, A- Quality
Written by John, on 3/22/2019

Cheap quality for more than $300, dont have good instructions, to many papers... after this negative stuff, the rest is ok, nice base pad, firm iron. Nice presentation

5 stars 5 stars - Great Product
Written by Lisa, on 8/27/2018

Great fit, easy installation and instructions.

5 stars 5 stars - Great Product and Experience
Written by rmg, on 7/25/2018

Good customer service. Solid looking product. Good installation instructions. Easy installation.

5 stars 5 stars - Great product, easy install
Written by Matt, on 7/1/2018

It was surprisingly easy to install, and is solidly locked onto my roof. It's also very easy to take off and put back on. Very happy with my purchase. Thanks!

5 stars 5 stars - Easy to install, works well, and looks good
Written by Brandon, on 6/16/2018

Im not the handiest guy I know, but I had no trouble installing this cargo rack and have been really pleased with the look and utility of it.

3 stars 3 stars - Works well but whistles in the wind a lot
Written by Dalton, on 6/8/2018

Carried a few hundred pounds on it with no issues. Driving with just the bars though, anytime I go over 30mph the bars start to whistle and howl from wind going through them. This effect is noticeable and almost annoying. And it appears to be unavoidable given the design of the bars. I am surprised nobody else has mentioned this.

5 stars 5 stars - I would absolutely buy this again.
Written by Melissa, on 1/5/2018

I bought this for my son for Christmas, it fit his car perfect and was fairly simple to install. He is already looking to add a snowboard and kayak rack to it. I would recommend this to anyone.

5 stars 5 stars - Great product at a great price, easy to install.
Written by Dave B., on 12/7/2017

Good product, good price, easy to install.

5 stars 5 stars - I am more than satisfied
Written by George Sperry, on 10/13/2017

Usually, I refuse to review something; I keep it if it is quality [and if I have kept it, the seller should know I accept it], I return or trash it if it is junk. This product is the best I have seen in over ten year, fits like a glove on my vehicle and very well designed. If I need another one, I would buy this product again without hesitation.

5 stars 5 stars - Fits 2009 Kia optima perfectly!
Written by Caleb, on 8/25/2017

Bought this kit to carry my fishing kayak on my 09 Optima. The instructions were clear and everything arrived in perfect condition. I'm using a set of Yakima saddles and the setup works perfectly!

5 stars 5 stars - The roof rack is great. An easy install. Great looks.
Written by Joanie, on 7/18/2017

I use the product to put my beach cart and chairs on the roof of the car so we can have other passengers in the back seat.

5 stars 5 stars - Great roof rack
Written by Band fan, on 7/18/2017

We needed to haul our teenager's 28" bass drum to marching band practices and performances. The roof rack fits our car perfectly. We're so pleased there was something available for a 10 year old small car that didn't come w/ roof rails.

5 stars 5 stars - LOVE LOVE LOVE
Written by Kayaking with Strike, on 5/2/2017

I use the rack to carry my kayak. The rack makes loading and unloading my kayak 100% easier. The kayak is extremely secure and doesn't move while traveling down the road.

5 stars 5 stars - Very solid
Written by Oh2bnMT, on 10/19/2016

I haven't hauled my canoe yet but I feel very secure with the racks. Solid as a rock. It took some thought on the installation but was able to do it by myself in a reasonable amount of time. Just don't cut corners on installation because the directions are very specific on mount locations and bar placement. I'm anxious to try it out.

5 stars 5 stars - Great product, easy to install
Written by Kayak girl, on 7/1/2016

Bought this to attach J carriers to for transporting our 2 kayaks. The racks are very stable, little wind noise.

4 stars 4 stars - As expected
Written by New rack buyer, on 7/6/2015

Product was light and relatively straightforward to install, however, it would be nicer if it was easier for a single person to install. As it is, it is much easier with two people.

4 stars 4 stars - Missing Parts
Written by Lulu, on 11/26/2014

This product I purchased along with the kayak rack system. When the packages arrived I did a item checklist and was missing the rubber ends to the bars. Not a major thing however, the bars make a bigger noise while driving since the ends of the bars are open. Fantastic product all the way around. First time purchasing Inno, love it.

5 stars 5 stars - Great product
Written by ennzzo, on 9/25/2014

Use this for a cargo box to hold camping gear. Very easy to install. Wind noise was noticeable above 40 mph, so you'll need the wind fairing.

5 stars 5 stars - Works well
Written by Ryan, on 9/7/2014

Once you figure out how the rack mounts it's pretty easy to install. Never had any problems.

4 stars 4 stars - Video Assistance Needed to Install
Written by Laurel Anne, on 9/5/2014

Installation was not easy from the written instructions, so I just Googled it! Plenty of videos to make it very easy to install. I just wish I was taller! Great product. The tightening of the locking mechanism was very important for a tight and secure fit. Happy with this product.

5 stars 5 stars - Can't believe how great it works!!!
Written by Seth, on 5/7/2014

I had a hard time finding a roof rack that would support my kayak on my 2009 hyundai accent hatchback. I was a little skeptical when I bought this, as There didn't seem to be any way to attach it to the car, and even when It came I put it on and was extremely cautious. But this has absolutely proven itself, the engineering and construction are amazing. Absolutely I would recommend this to a friend!

4 stars 4 stars - Looks good. We'll see how it performs.
Written by Luigi, on 5/4/2014

Using for kayak racks. Easy enough to put on but not sure if done properly. Shook and tugged at them really hard. We'll see.

5 stars 5 stars - work perfectly on my 2012 Passat!
Written by River rat, on 4/25/2014

Installed it carefully using the measuring tape provided, etc. just in time to kayak with experienced friend. Loaded (2) cayaks, and travelled "without a hitch"(pun intended)!

5 stars 5 stars - Inno Roofrack w/locks
Written by Marlene the Adv, on 4/25/2014

Got this roof rack to carry 2 kayaks on an kayaking adventure on our Nissan Juke 2013. Didn't take too long to set up & pretty sturdy. Also not too much wind noise. I would recommend this product to a friend.

5 stars 5 stars - Easy to Install, Works Great
Written by Nonickname, on 3/31/2014

Use to haul large items occasionally.

4 stars 4 stars - Just the thing.
Written by WV Ridge Runner, on 2/13/2014

When you don't the factory option installed, this is a great substitute. The only small issue is the inability to remove cross bars. So there is wind noise.

5 stars 5 stars - Great Rack - easy to install!
Written by Proud Prius Own, on 1/13/2014

It was very easy to install, and it fit perfectly on my car, and it fit the box that I bought before - all in all - great experience

4 stars 4 stars - good deal.
Written by K, on 1/13/2014

I use this for my 12' SUP. the racks went on fairly easy and seem quite solid. They are a good deal for the price for sure.

1 stars 1 stars - makes noise when driving
Written by mark, on 12/22/2013

Makes noise when driving over 40 mph and its lound. Called the ,anufacturer and they said its normal. Wish they would have told me, now its a royal pain.

5 stars 5 stars - Great Purchase
Written by Phil, on 11/8/2013

Bought the rack with the Kayak post in the center. The only way to fit 2 on the roof of my Hyundai Elantra. Priced well below the Thule and Yakima brands with the same quality.

3 stars 3 stars - Eh
Written by MT, on 11/1/2013

It was easy enough to install, except that we couldn't install it at the suggested width and still have it work with the cargo carrier that it's supposed to be compatible with. Also, the bars bow even with the cargo carrier empty. Not thrilled with the purchase, but not disappointed enough to return it considering that we'll be using it only a few times per year. Just kind of using it grudgingly.

4 stars 4 stars - Great low cost roof rack
Written by Bajabuzz, on 10/28/2013

Not the easiest system to set up but once set to the proper width it works great. It would be nice if the foot pads stayed in place better while setting on roof. There is some wind noise but not terrible on my 08 F150 crew cab.

4 stars 4 stars - Great product just one small con.
Written by Rob, on 10/19/2013

Bought This Roof Rack For My Camry So I Could Tote A Couple Of Kayaks Or My Luggage Carrier. Works Great But You Will Want To Get The Fairing To Cut Back On The Wind Noise.

5 stars 5 stars - Well worth the price!
Written by Steve, on 10/2/2013

I was looking for a rack to haul kayaks. First I purchased a cheap "strap on" rack from my local auto parts store. While it was functionable, I didn't completely trust it and it left black marks all over the roof of my truck. I priced Thule carriers & the prices were just ridiculous. I foound the Inno rack on for at least a hundred dollars less than a Thule. Bought it, installed it (quickly & easily I may add), & used it the next weekend for a kayak trip. I LOVE IT!!! It's secure, easy to install and did I say, affordable?

Service and delivery comments:

The item was shipped promptly (and free), but it sat in a Fed Ex warehouse for 3 or 4 days. I think it's cool that Cargogear recycles packing materials. The item arrived in great condition and other than Fed Ex's delay, quickly.

5 stars 5 stars - Love my new INNO racks
Written by jimcat2000, on 10/1/2013

Bought INNO racks so that I could haul my paddle board without having to barrow my wife's suv. Now I'm hauling all sorts of things like ladders, irrigation pipe, surfboards. These racks were $100 less than Thule racks and mine include locks! Very sturdy, great looking and easy to install.

5 stars 5 stars - Excellent Service and Quality Product
Written by Day Hiker, on 9/19/2013

First outing from Reno, NV to Donner Lake with no problems or loosening of kayak from rack. So far, very pleased with Inno rack, and saved me over $125.00. Service from Cargo Gear from my phone car to them, and delivery was excellent. You do need to buy your own rachet tie downs.

4 stars 4 stars - Gets theJob Done!
Written by Tina eats booge, on 9/19/2013

Bought the item after searching other brands that were twice the price. This is a solid peice for the price. You can't go wrong. Easy set up (assembled by my self) took about an hour and a half. Would recommed this product.

4 stars 4 stars - Nice Rack!
Written by Iron G, on 8/29/2013

Got it for my 2013 Durango R/T. No factory roof rack for the R/T. Rack fit well. The install is a little clumsy and I cut my knuckle every time while tightening down the locks to secure it. Used it for car top carrier to haul kid off to college. Worked great. Stayed solid and left no marks it was there. Great price with locks compared to other top manufacturers. Spacing adjustment would be good. Had to drill holes in my car top carrier to fit it to the rack. Other than that, very pleased. I'm all about Made In USA but Made In Japan is way better than the typical we now see! Thanks Inno.......

5 stars 5 stars - Excellent product
Written by Eric, on 8/17/2013

Easy to install

5 stars 5 stars - excellent product!
Written by greg-n-houston, on 8/10/2013

arrived sooner than expected and only took minutes to install. piece of cake all around and works well with my kayaks. much better price than competition and no complaints. highly recommend.

5 stars 5 stars - Perfect fit for 2010 Corolla S
Written by m, on 8/8/2013

This is a great product. It was VERY easy to install as my wife and I installed it the day it arrived. This is a perfect fit for my 2010 Toyota Corolla S. We use the rack with the Inno Kayak Racks which are also a perfect fit! I would highly recommend this product to anyone with a 2010 Toyota Corolla S looking for base roof racks.

4 stars 4 stars - Worked well
Written by stroller, on 7/25/2013

Worked well even at high speeds >90mph. It did however slightly scar the plastic door roof lining on the subaru at every connection point.

2 stars 2 stars - Japan's Leading Car Rack Manufacturer?
Written by paulyo, on 7/19/2013

This product holds up nicely but is very annoying when empty. Took it off my car as soon as we got home. The rail design needs to be opposite each other to lessen wind drag like most suv's rails are built.

5 stars 5 stars - Great roof rack system
Written by Salmo T, on 6/21/2013

Holds pontoon boat just fine and evens goes through auto car wash with no problems. The locks work great and it is very stable.

4 stars 4 stars - Works well.
Written by Nelson, on 6/17/2013

My first roof rack so I found it a bit of a pain to install but not rocket science. After transporting a kayak for the first time, the hooks that come in contact with your car all seem to sustain slight stress damage exactly on their right side (which is odd since you would think the hooks on the left of my car would have different stress points than on the right hooks). Nonetheless they are very

3 stars 3 stars - buy round bar system
Written by backwater Brian, on 6/1/2013

I use the bars to haul kayaks. The bars are not level(/\) so the kayak saddles are at opposing angles, not to the point of useless but does affect contact points with the kayak

4 stars 4 stars - Works great
Written by Prius v owner, on 5/26/2013

I attach kayak carriers to haul two boats on the roof. Works great.

4 stars 4 stars - Too good to be true
Written by Mike T., on 4/4/2013

Ordered this product because it had everything I needed in one box, I was surprised how clear the instruction were and how well made the components were. I was so impressed with the product that I ordered a Kayak Rack from the same Manufacturer. I have recommended this Rack to others at work and people in our kayak group.

5 stars 5 stars - Completely Satisfied
Written by Matt the Musici, on 3/21/2013

Fits my 2009 Scion xD perfectly. Scion does not even offer this product for their vehicles! I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

5 stars 5 stars - Excellent, top quality,
Written by J. E., on 3/21/2013

Dimensions and measurements in directions are exact and fit the car perfectly.

4 stars 4 stars - Not bad
Written by Rumnot, on 3/7/2013

These racks are very easy to install. They hold very well to the car. I really like that they extend past the seems to be easier to hold gear down better because I can wrap the bungee cords around the outside part that sticks past. There is no chance the cords will slide down bar n loosen up. What I don't like is that when there is no gear on the bars they have quite a bit of wind noise above 40 mph. But if u want strong bars that won't break the bank n hold a nice bit of cargo...these are the ones. Easy to take on n off also. The locks are great to

4 stars 4 stars - Fits great, Works great, A bit loud
Written by Tak, on 2/28/2013

It was very easy to install, and the fit is really good. But if you go any faster than 40mph you'll begin to hear the wind howling pretty loudly overhead. I'm still glad I have it, for the price I purchased it.

5 stars 5 stars - Same quality as Thule and Yakima
Written by M, on 12/21/2012

Fits perfect. The installation manual is very helpful for getting things aligned properly; read and follow, it makes things a lot easier. The tension and locking mechanism works great, but again read the manual so you know exactly how it works. I'm super happy with the quality and the look of the rack. My Nissan has no gutters and really doesn't look like a rack should "hold on", but the clips gr

5 stars 5 stars - Inno Roof Rack Sys.
Written by norcal, on 12/21/2012

This is not a Made in China product. Well packaged and easy to follow instructions. Would not expect andything less from a Japanese made product. Quality hardware and pieces.

5 stars 5 stars - Nice Rack!
Written by fourbacs, on 12/6/2012

"Inno racks and surf locker. I use the product to transport my surfboard from home to the beach. Very little wind noise and much easier to use than my soft rack. Cannot think of anything I would change as I love the product. "

3 stars 3 stars - not sure if I would buy again
Written by Tim Tebow, on 11/16/2012

It doesnt seem to correctly fit my 2009 nissan altima, which is a shame because the kit is supposed to. The quality of the bars and locks are top notch.

4 stars 4 stars - 2010 Altima coupe
Written by Bam Bam, on 10/11/2012

I bought the rack to so I could carry my bikes and surfboard.

5 stars 5 stars - Very satisfied
Written by Paul, on 10/11/2012

Use to carry canoe. Fit to my Genesis was great. Very easy to install. Good directions. Seems well designed and rugged. Like that it comes with lock. Best of all, much cheaper than competition.

4 stars 4 stars - works great
Written by hangemhyde, on 9/21/2012

Very sturdy constuction. I use rack to carry ladders and paperhanging boards

5 stars 5 stars - Much better price and great quality
Written by Nick the regula, on 9/6/2012

Works great with the Stax 2 to carry both my kayaked to the lake. I have yet to get a bike rake but I'm very impressed with Inno. I will be buying their bike component soon. Shacking the rack actually rocks my whole car. The thing will not budge, I've tried.

5 stars 5 stars - Solid product. Easy to install.
Written by CampHappy, on 8/30/2012

This is a top quality product made by a big accessory company in Japan.

5 stars 5 stars - the rack fits and works as advertised .
Written by outdoorsguy, on 8/24/2012

I use a cargo carrier on top of this rack . It gave me and my family quite a bit more space on our vacation as our vehicle is small. It will do for the time being until we get a larger vehicle. Like a bus maybe ! Great purchase . nice product.

5 stars 5 stars - Good fit and sturdy.
Written by LB, on 8/18/2012

Product fits car perfect and is very stable. Would recommend to a friend

4 stars 4 stars - Enjoying my roof rack
Written by Doug, on 8/13/2012

In the first 2 weeks I had the rack I used it 6 times to tie down and move things, one of which was in conjuntion wiht the kayak rack which was also very easy to install and remove. Good product.

5 stars 5 stars - Every thing I wanted in a roof rack.
Written by scooter, on 8/10/2012

Once I figured out the basic set up and after several times using the rack to haul my kayak I am pleased with the over all set up of my roof rack.

5 stars 5 stars - great gear
Written by annie, on 8/3/2012

good product. i bought this as a gift for my boyfriend. it works and looks great on his vw golf. he loves it, and said it was pretty easy to install.

4 stars 4 stars - Jetta Base Rack
Written by Brian, on 7/27/2012

The part selection process was quick and accurate. I received the perfect part for the perfect fit at a great price. The only negative comment I can think of is that the instruction sheet that came with it was not the right one for my car. However, InnoRack's website is very useful and I was able to quickly print the correct instruction sheet.

5 stars 5 stars - Love the Rack
Written by MJG, on 7/23/2012

I bought this rack to transport 2 kayaks, (I also purchased Inno Kayak carrier as well). The carrier goes on easy, fits well, is strong, and holds both kayaks well. Have used it twice in the last 2 weeks with no problems.

5 stars 5 stars - perfect
Written by sleste8, on 7/23/2012

This product was exactly what I was looking for!!! Just perfect. Very affordable with the same quality and attention to detail as the big guys that cost twice as much... absolutely flawless. I added an inno bike rack and fairing to go with it. And also the wetsuit hanger, just because it was an awesome idea. It's come in handy more times than I can count. Very happy with inno and cargogear.

5 stars 5 stars - Secure, easy to install
Written by Jenni, on 6/14/2012

I bought this rack so I could haul kayaks on my Nissan Versa. It took us only half an hour to install it, and the instructions were clear. I attached a kayak rack on top, and it's been working perfectly.

5 stars 5 stars - very good inno rack
Written by valentin, on 6/14/2012

camping,kayak,very good but a little noisy past 40 miles / hour

4 stars 4 stars - Works great and the best price around!
Written by Kayaking Fool, on 6/10/2012

Easy to install and set up, looks great and works well on the second generation xb.

4 stars 4 stars - Passed the road trip test!
Written by bhair, on 6/4/2012

We tested the Inno roof rack system on a 640 mile round trip to the coast. The roof rack performed great. I loaded a surfboard, boogie board,60lb. easy-up, a couple of beach chairs, and fishing gear. Everything strapped down tight and fit perfect. The majority of the trip was at 75mph. MPG was not degraded either. After the trip, I removed the roof rack system. There was no damage or scratche

5 stars 5 stars - Roof rack works great.
Written by Greg, on 5/29/2012

This roof rack fit my 2008 Civic just fine. Seems strong and durable. Tested it over the weekend for a camping trip. Held about a 100lbs load for 12 hours of driving with no problems.

5 stars 5 stars - Awesome product!
Written by Slomo, on 5/24/2012

This thing is great! Such a good investment and a great deal!

4 stars 4 stars - good item
Written by dotlibby, on 4/27/2012

this was a good item and the place was helpful in their support when I emailed them about a fit issue. however, the install instructions leave a lot to be desired. we found a utube video on how to install - that helped ALOT. after that - all was good! nice product and nice company.

5 stars 5 stars - Very nice system!
Written by PB, on 4/26/2012

Looks great, easy to install and to remove.

5 stars 5 stars - PHENOMINAL
Written by SRFPNK, on 4/13/2012

One of the best costomer servics ive experienced.

5 stars 5 stars - Inno rack for honda fit 08
Written by keegan, on 4/12/2012

Easy to install once you figure out the directions, there are two sets of instructions and you must refer to both. Once installed, the rack created a lot of wind noise, which I took care of by making my own WIND FAIRING. You can buy them for $72, but I made one with plastic and aluminum for less than $10

5 stars 5 stars - Worked Great!
Written by GMS, on 4/5/2012

I was a bit nervious since this was aftermarket and was priced so low. Also was nervous about 140 lb capacity rating. So, I called and got great personal service and was put at ease! Just returned from my trip and it performed perfectly. I found I could carry all I needed for less than 140 lbs and learned that the factory racks are rated even lower! Had one installation issue where I was screwing

5 stars 5 stars - Couldn't ask for anything more!
Written by Peter Camacho, on 12/29/2010

I ordered this Inno Roof Rack for my 2008 Mazda3 Hatch, and I couldn't be happier. Setup is easy, and the feel is very nice. Inno's roof rack supports 140 pounds (10 more than Thule) and that's more then enough for what I'm doing. I absolutely love this product. I'm ordering the Inno fairing next because the noise is very noticeable, but other then that this roof rack is perfect.

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