Reviews - Rhino-Rack 2500 Aero Rack - Black

Overall Rating: 4.6 stars
4.6 stars - 7 reviews
5 stars 5 stars - Good buy
Written by Mr. Sir, on 5/10/2019

My number one use is for 1-3 surfboards at a time. Looks great. Works great. Easy to put on.

4 stars 4 stars - Works Great
Written by Name, on 7/2/2016

Fits well. Easy to assemble and install. One small problem was the instructions had an error in the dimensions for positioning the bars but it was obvious where the correct location was so no big deal.

5 stars 5 stars - Exactly what I needed
Written by Ben, on 2/21/2016

Install on our 2015 Mazda CX-9 was a piece of cake. The measurements in the instructions were perfect. Instructions didn't mention that there are 2 sets of holes at the rear of the car (for the factory rails) and you only need to remove the covers from the front-most pair. I took a guess and was right. The racks look great. I do wish they had a cover for the inside side of the towers, but that's a very minor thing.

4 stars 4 stars - Did not fit at first, now it's GREAT!
Written by Sean-o-matic, on 1/17/2014

I ordered this rack because it was an affordable custom fit option for my vehicle. I followed the assembly instructions to the letter and it did not fit. Not even close. I realized shortly thereafter that the custom fit was for a previous model year of my car. I did some pretty complex mathematical equations and finally got it to fit. Cargo Gear was basing their information off what the manuf

5 stars 5 stars - Best roof rack for GTI, period
Written by Jonathan, on 8/8/2013

Bought these for large kayak - Jackson Big Tuna. Get the job done and have taken a beating so far. The kayak is huge and getting it on the rack can be a wrestling match. So far the cradles have stood up to it though I don't expect them to for more than a season or two which I would consider fair for the cost of the product and heavy use its getting. Simple product, quality won't wow you, but its a fair deal. Goot fit on my roof rack, no problems with screws. Cargogear shipping was on time and I'd order from them again.

5 stars 5 stars - Rhino-Rack with Locks is solid.
Written by Bogman, on 7/26/2012

I bought one for a trip this summer. The installation instructions were clear and well written. I had it on the car and ready to use in less than an hour. About the only thing that doesn't appear to be all that good are the stickers that one places inside the door jamb to mark the placement of the rack. They are contact stickers and do not adhere very well. Otherwise, it seems to be a sturdy, rel

4 stars 4 stars - First impressions
Written by Ted, on 5/13/2012

Good quality, the cross bars are pretty long for my car. They stick out more than I would like. The other brands are the same.

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