Reviews - Inno AR - Value Line - Roof Rack Cross-Bars for Cars with Raised Roof Rails

Overall Rating: 4.2 stars
4.2 stars - 23 reviews
4 stars 4 stars - Great product
Written by Snowman, on 3/28/2017

Used it for my ski box and it worked great.

4 stars 4 stars - Worked great easy to install
Written by Ken N, on 7/25/2015

Easy to install did exactly what I needed them to do. Arrived on time.

5 stars 5 stars - Well thought out product
Written by Seppi, on 6/29/2015

I bought the Inno crossbars for a pending trip to Florida. I planned to use an ancient cartop carrier on these new bars. They worked great. I liked that they are rubber coated and resist scratches. The trip was a success. The Inno bars worked great. My only complaint is that they are a little noisy if I open the sunroof but for their purpose, they work great.

5 stars 5 stars - Perfect for occasional use
Written by Wade, on 4/24/2015

I bought these for my 2014 Nissan Rogue SL. They arrived promptly, in perfect condition and were packaged in recycled packaging, which I appreciated very much. The racks themselves are a bit tedious to install the first time, but once you get the concept, they can be removed and installed quickly. Once installed to the factory rails, they are VERY secure. Because they are square bars, I suspect they would make noise if you drive at high speeds w/ nothing strapped to them. I only install the bars when I need them, so that's not an issue for me. Finally, the cost was very reasonable and much less than factory crossbars (that must match factory rail mounting points and are not easily removable) or more fancy brand name racks that cannot possibly be any more secure than these excellent Inno racks. Highly recommended for people who want a solid crossbar at a great price

4 stars 4 stars - Me Likey!
Written by Briefreebird, on 4/17/2015

Bought this for a kayak camping trip the week before, installed it the morning of, and it worked great! Waaay more affordable than what REI tried to sell me

4 stars 4 stars - Easy to install!
Written by Happy in Colora, on 4/15/2015

This was the easiest time I had ever had installing something on my car! Being 5'2" I had absolutely no issues doing it myself. There is a little wind noise while going over 70mph but nothing unbearable & you should expect noise when installing a "wind tunnel" on the roof of your vehicle...duh! We packed up last weekend & headed up I-70 & were actually able to see through the back of our Murano this time...yea! Best buy so far this year!

2 stars 2 stars - Whistles
Written by Boogiejohn, on 1/12/2015

I installed it according to instructions, went on quite simple really. Took it out on the road and above 30mph it started to make a whistling sound, that got louder as the speed was increased. I have since taken them off and sent Cargo Gear an email for a remedy, but have yet to hear from them. May have to ask for a return authorization.

5 stars 5 stars - Great Product. Highly recommend
Written by Nalu Ha'a, on 9/25/2014

This rack worked great on my 2000 v.w. Passat wagon. Well constructed and holds great. A little difficulty setting it up, but with a little patients, it went on fine and worked great.

5 stars 5 stars - Fabulous quality & price! Very Happy!!!!
Written by 12-GAGE WRESTLI, on 9/7/2014

Product was easy to install and is high quality! I cannot be more happy and pleased with this purchase.This rack is holding our Thule cargo box for wrestling gear.... Mounted perfect to our Mercedes Wagon

5 stars 5 stars - Great
Written by The Black Pearl, on 8/20/2014

I used this on my small SUV. It has the side rails no cross bars. So I purchased these. It easily attached to my SUV & held the cargo/luggage carrier with no trouble at all.

4 stars 4 stars - Jetta roof rack
Written by Harry, on 4/14/2014

The instructions were not as clear as one would like, but we figured it out eventually. We won't have much trouble installing it in the future. Makes some wind noise at highway speed. Good cost alternative to VW part.

4 stars 4 stars - Good product for a reasonable price
Written by Fred Herring, on 4/12/2014

I use racks to transport a kayak a short distance and they have lived up to my expextations. Will definitly buy inno products agian.

2 stars 2 stars - Good product doesn't fit round rails
Written by Ohio savage, on 3/17/2014

The only reason I gave this product such a low rating is because it DOES NOT fit the round rails. I had to go to the hardware store and buy nylock nuts and use a ratchet to put them on. The bottom piece that fastens the cross bar to the rail is flat where the rails are round. I couldn't return the product as we were leaving the next day so it lives on the van. The products itself is sturdy and easily made our 2,000 mile round trip in -30F to 11F degree weather just fine. So....if you have a rail that is square or more flat buy this product:-)

5 stars 5 stars - Jjust What I needed
Written by Leeway, on 9/16/2013

These bars are great. They are half (or more in some installations) the price of the OEM at the dealer and they do the job very well.

3 stars 3 stars - Simple Economic Cross Bars solution
Written by Chaz, on 8/10/2013

The locking mechanism is a wrap around lock rather than a hook lock so taking the bars on and off on a continual bases is not ideal. It's designed to install and stay on the vehicle. As with all cross bars it increases wind noise at higher speeds unless you have a deflector in front of the bars.Be careful with installation lay a cloth just below the rail area the bracket will install onto as the wrap around metal bracket could scratch your vehicle's roof.

4 stars 4 stars - Sufficient Payload Support
Written by Stazzinator, on 7/26/2013

Product serves the intended purpose. Hoisted a loaded clam shell (Approx. 160#) directly on top of these load bars. Drove 180 miles round trip with no issues. Great product for dollars spent. Easy to install and adjust. Will remove when not in use to reduce drag on vehicle and improve fuel efficiency.

5 stars 5 stars - Great product, shipping, and service!!
Written by Tom the Stand-u, on 7/22/2013

Product arrived quickly and in good packaging. It was easy to install. I have had this for about a month and love it!! I've told other people about the rack system and they have all been impressed with the quality and price! You can't go wrong with this product!

5 stars 5 stars - Inno cross bars
Written by Liz, on 5/27/2013

ordered the cross bars to install my kayak rack. It was easy to install, and I was able to put my kayak rack on without any problems.

5 stars 5 stars - good product with great price
Written by jas, on 4/5/2013

I liked the easy install and cheap price.

4 stars 4 stars - Works and fits well.
Written by R Ryden, on 10/11/2012

Would be 5 star if windscreen were included in set; without one, there will be howling/whistling sounds.

4 stars 4 stars - Easy on easy off-feels durable
Written by Sofball Dad, on 7/6/2012

Worked well for our purpose a 3,000 mile trip with 16 cu Shadow carrier.

3 stars 3 stars - OK Cross-bars for Money
Written by Steven, on 6/15/2012

I use them on a VW Jetta Sportswagen to haul occasional light but long loads including some lumber. They seem good cross-bars for the money - seem sturdy once installed and look good - but I wonder if other comparatively low/medium priced cross-bars would be easier to install and remove and more durable. They take longer than I like to install and remove, requiring tightening or loosening square nuts that are awkward to reach and turn. These nuts are small but the stability of the cross-bars depends on them - I worry they will not hold up over time. The cross-bars are noisy when driving 40mph or faster, sounding like a strong wind. But they do not seem to lower my fuel efficiency.

5 stars 5 stars - Well built and easy to assemble
Written by The Professor, on 5/24/2012

Went up quick and now I keep it attached to my luggage storage box, seeing as I like the look of our Rouge without the cross members. The luggage box was actually more of a pain to attach than the cross bars! This is good stuff at a good price!

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