Reviews - Rhino-Rack 2500 Euro (Square Bar) Rack - Black

Overall Rating: 4.6 stars
4.6 stars - 38 reviews
4 stars 4 stars - Roof rack for 2016 Mazda3
Written by Joyce, on 8/28/2018

It was confusing trying to put it together at first because of the two options for installation. Once we figured it out it was fine. Had to adjust - a couple of times on our road trip.

5 stars 5 stars - Great Racks
Written by Scarpi, on 3/2/2018

Easy to install and very solid. Go from Oregon to California and these racks are just as good as those twice the price.

5 stars 5 stars - Rhino Rack with locks and Euro bars 2016 Focus ST
Written by AQ, on 2/8/2017

Easy on/off , sturdy construction

4 stars 4 stars - Perfect Fit for Nissan Versa Note
Written by LadyA00, on 9/28/2016

Fairly easy to install with reading directions carefully.

5 stars 5 stars - Very happy with product. I might buy another.
Written by Lwnranger, on 9/26/2016

Easy to install. I have put many other brand racks on vehicles and had to keep checking instruction. These were super easy to install.

5 stars 5 stars - Fantastic product!!
Written by Caitlin, on 9/23/2016

This product fit my 2005 Toyota matrix perfectly and is very strong and we'll made. I love this product!

5 stars 5 stars - This product is great, and I recommend it.
Written by Steve, on 8/26/2016

This is very well built and was fairly easy to install. The only problem I had was drilling the holes in the gutter protectors. Other than that, the racks fit perfectly and look very nice. I haven't used them yet, but I'm sure they will do the job.​

4 stars 4 stars - Ready to go!
Written by On the Lake, on 8/26/2016

Bought this roof rack to be able to carry my Kayak on my Honda CRV. I installed the rack system the day it arrived and used it shortly thereafter. It worked great. The rack system requires complete assembly and my only complaint would be the instructions includes directions for 3 different vehicles and the attachments in the photos are different than those I receved for my CRV. Got through it and once you figure out one support its easy to do the rest. The distance between support arms front and back is provided, as well as where to place the front rack, but where to place the supports on the arms is not. It took some adjusting which is at an awkward angle, if you want to find the best fit with the anchoring. It would be better if both measurements were provided to insure the support is at the best angle on the edge of the car roof.

5 stars 5 stars - Sturdy Rack!
Written by Steve, on 6/30/2016

We have been carrying several kayaks all over with out much worry. Very dependable - and secure

4 stars 4 stars - Good product
Written by ColoRobO, on 4/12/2016

Seems very sturdy and a good option for my car (Ford CMax). Directions were ok for general assembly, but for my car there were two different clamps provided, presumably for front and rear, to get the best fit, but no reference in instructions to which was which. After a few attempts to mount the bars, I found the right combination for the front and rear mounting, and all is good now.

5 stars 5 stars - Love them. So far so good.
Written by Dan, on 4/2/2016

Not too hard to install.

5 stars 5 stars - Works great
Written by Jill Owle, on 3/14/2016

Works Great

5 stars 5 stars - Best Everything
Written by Ryan, on 12/11/2015

I am extremely happy with this rack. I was looking all over online, and was nervous about buying it because it was by far the cheapest price, but I new this was a good brand. It fit my 2012 Camry perfectly, came with all the parts I needed, and it is extremely sturdy. I have already used it to transport my 2 kayaks with no problems. The only one small negetive is that because it is a square shape, it does make a slight wind nose at highway speeds. It's not annoying or anything, kind of sounds like white noise in the background. I just turned up the radio a little bit and it's gone. No whisle or anything like that. Would buy again in a second.

4 stars 4 stars - Good product, bad instructions
Written by Sculptor, on 12/10/2015

I think the rack is great. The instructions to install it, however, are not great. The drawings are incorrect, and the little peices that are cut to length that slide into the bar as a sort of stop, were hard to cut to the right length, or understand what length they should be cut to. I did not use them, as a result.

Otherwise, it seems like a great rack system. It whistles when I drive, so it is quite easy to take off when I do not need it.

5 stars 5 stars - Good price, very good product.
Written by quincy, on 10/20/2015

This is the second Rino product that we purchased for our cars and we are satisfied with the product. I chose Cargo Gear due to their excellent price. Product arrived quickly. Very pleased.

5 stars 5 stars - Works great!
Written by Lauren, on 7/25/2015

I bought this set-up for my 2011 Fit Sport and it works nicely so far. Very sturdy.

4 stars 4 stars - Love the racks!
Written by Rabbit, on 7/24/2015

They bolted right on. Took a little bit to figure out instructions since we had factory spots

4 stars 4 stars - Easy instal, solid product
Written by Frank, on 1/13/2015

Easy to install, reasonably good instructions. The measuring strips I found basically useless, we ended up throwing them out after two failed fitment attempts. You're better off just installing the rack by eye and leaving everything loose until the end. Only complaint I have is the wind noise, which is very appearant at 75+ (highway speeds) even when (possibly only when) the rack is unloaded.

5 stars 5 stars - Excellent Design easy to install
Written by Miguel the trav, on 1/9/2015

Perfect fit for the Matrix 2006. Very easy to install and strong. Great way to leave space inside the vehicle during travel. Excellent device for hauling wood and other items.

5 stars 5 stars - Great Cargo Rack
Written by Wyomike, on 12/3/2014

Well-constructed and easy to install on my 2012 Subaru Legacy.

5 stars 5 stars - Fits well, Easy installation
Written by Arithmetik, on 10/15/2014

I'm just going to break it down to facts:

1. Easy to install

2. I've used it for 3k miles and have loaded it up quite heavily, no issues

3. The load bars work perfectly with accessories designed for Thule rectangular bars.

4. There is no coating on the load bars (Thule and Yakima are rubber coated), just paint

5 stars 5 stars - Fantastic Product
Written by Mike Flatau, on 9/25/2014

Loved it. Holds 2 pairs of j cradles and easily holds 2 of my 10 foot kayaks.

5 stars 5 stars - Easy Assembly and Functions Perfectly
Written by ADK girl, on 9/9/2014

I've been hauling my canoe around and this rack has been perfect. Easy to assemble and attach to the car. No complaints at all.

4 stars 4 stars - Nice rack
Written by Rich, on 9/5/2014

Used for kayaks with thule compatible kayak holders.... Works fine BUT. The instructions for installation of the rack on the car roof were wrong at a certain point. The front bar/ feet/rubber mounts were fine and installation was no problem. The rear bar however was odd. The instructions had the arrow on the rubber mounts going the wrong way which is impossible noting the cutout on the rubber mounts must match the water channel in the roof of the car. When reversed it worked fine and installed easier than a thule rack. 1 thing they never tell you the hex wrench they give you has a torque measurement device built into it . Took some close examination of the wrench to,notice it.

4 stars 4 stars - good
Written by kayak1, on 8/21/2014

Good value

4 stars 4 stars - GREAT PRODUCT
Written by DAN, on 8/8/2014


5 stars 5 stars - Great product
Written by John the fisher, on 7/30/2014

Bought this for my son to transport his fishing kayak. It was easy to install and well constructed. Fit his car perfectly.

5 stars 5 stars - love this roof rack
Written by ONNA Web Design, on 7/12/2014

Bought this to use for my kayak. Fits perfectly and was easy to install by myself.

4 stars 4 stars - Works Perfectly
Written by Dakota3, on 7/12/2014

Simple installation - and I'm the guy that can't install anything. Goes on with no drilling. You can add and remove by loosening 2 screws in about 1 minute. I put it on when I need a carrier and take it off when I don't.

5 stars 5 stars - Rhino Rack for Chevy Cobalt
Written by Dan, on 7/12/2014

2/3 the cost of similar Thule Rack with identical function and durability.

5 stars 5 stars - Excellent product...very pleased with it
Written by Wes, on 5/22/2014

Very good product I am very pleased!

4 stars 4 stars - Rhino Rack
Written by Sandi, on 5/6/2014

I am very happy with the Rack. It is everything I was looking for. Fits nice and snug. Half the cost of Thule. It works well for me.

5 stars 5 stars - No complaints!
Written by Theresa, on 5/6/2014

Received package quickly. Directions were clear and simple. Didn't need help putting it on. Makes for a noisier ride but believe there is an attachment for the front that re routes the wind, just need to eventually purchase that but no big deal, it was expected. I am happy with my purchase.

4 stars 4 stars - Great Product, Great Price, Easy Install
Written by Kayak Bob, on 4/14/2014

We bought this roof rack for our new Toyota Avalon, in part because the "big name manufacturers" didn't offer one for the car. The fact that it cost at least $100 less than a rack from one of those "big name manufacturers" was a bonus. The directions were easy to follow, with only one very minor discrepancy that was easy to work around. Without that, this would be a five star review.

5 stars 5 stars - great price and quality
Written by surfdogal, on 4/11/2014

I had naked roof so did lots of web searches to find right style and best price and Rhino-racks was hands down best and easy to install.

5 stars 5 stars - Perfect Fit
Written by frank, on 3/19/2014

Perfect fit - easy to install -great service from the dealer

5 stars 5 stars - Love this rack - why pay more?
Written by Love my Kia, on 12/4/2013

I purchased this because it was much less money than other brands - but it is well made.

4 stars 4 stars - Rhino Rack - 2012 Focus 5 door hatchback
Written by bob, on 4/11/2013

The set went together very easy one direction was wrong, they said the plastic spacer for the front should be cut to a length that was way to short to fit the front of the car. A little DIY and I had them fitting.

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