Reviews - Thule Traverse Car Roof Rack

Overall Rating: 4.7 stars
4.7 stars - 19 reviews
5 stars 5 stars - Happy with my purchase
Written by Ski Bum, on 12/7/2017

These racks fit great on my sentra! Went on in no time and so far seem extrememly sturdy. I have a thule cargo carrier mounted on top and the extra storage space is great!

5 stars 5 stars - Thule racks for New Durango
Written by Skyking, on 11/22/2014

The racks came in a timely fashion and functioned as claimed. No complaints at all. My first experience with Thule racks that did not fit a rain gutter or factory racks. I was skeptical but they worked well. Recommended.

5 stars 5 stars - Perfect fit 2013 Ford Edge Sport
Written by Dave, on 9/14/2014

Rubber feet and door clamps protected paint and provided solid attachment to roof just above front and rear doors

5 stars 5 stars - Great product from Thule
Written by Justin K., on 7/29/2014

i bought the roof rack bars for hauling ladders for work on my 2013 Toyota Tundra. these bars are versatile enough where you can strap just about anything to them. They really work well and exceed expectations

5 stars 5 stars - Fits a 20111-2013 Prius with Sunroof
Written by Lloyd, on 7/8/2013

Needed a rack that fits a 2011-2013 Prius with sunroof and REALLY did not want anything that would get close to that pricy solar panel. This fits like it was made for it. Easy on/off, and seems like the roof will collapse before the rack would bend. Only negative is that the bars end up only about two feet apart, so don't plan on carrying any 10' boards on it.

4 stars 4 stars - Great product and service
Written by Jeff, on 6/4/2013

Product not cheap, but high quality (Thule rack).

5 stars 5 stars - THFOFO514
Written by Bob, on 3/23/2013

I ordered my racks on Wednesday and received them on Saturday, a fast delivery. They fit perfect with a few minor adjustments. The directions were very easy to follow. Thanks

5 stars 5 stars - Great for our Kayaks!
Written by tandgtucker, on 2/22/2013

We use it to haul our Kayaks. They fit perfectly and we are well pleased.

5 stars 5 stars - Works great!
Written by Cher, on 1/3/2013

This product is great when your SUV doesn't come with a rack. It is easy to install and durable.

3 stars 3 stars - Great Site but Delivery is missing items
Written by First time cust, on 12/6/2012

Parts are made of sturdy steel. Have not put the parts on the car yet as im waiting for some missing parts to come in but do not expect any issues with the installation.

4 stars 4 stars - Good product
Written by AA, on 8/27/2012

This was my first after market roof rack. It is sturdier than the factory installed roof racks I have used in the past. Without factory installed rails this was one of my few options. The price seemed a bit steep to me but seems money well spent.

4 stars 4 stars - work horse
Written by freedomlaw, on 7/9/2012

Using in our SUP business and can stack 4 boards on top-that is impressive ! So far after a month bars are holding up--do wonder if weight over time will crack them but time will tell

5 stars 5 stars - Good stuff
Written by CA, on 7/6/2012

Came promptly, installed easily, fits well, seems super sturdy. I'm very pleased -- using it to haul kayaks, bikes, and anything else that doesn't fit inside my small sedan. Does whistle a bit when driving, but that's true of all roof racks.

5 stars 5 stars - Best way to transport a kayak on Altima
Written by Mike, on 6/20/2012

I can now put my kayak on top of my car without fear of the roof buckling on me. Very simple to install, took about :30 minutes from start to finish. I think I may buy the wind deflecter it can get a little noisy, but I highly recommend this product to anyone!

5 stars 5 stars - Very Satisfied with Thule Traverse
Written by Shawna, on 6/15/2012

The racks are built well and easy to install. My husband and I had them completely installed in less than an hour, the instructions are easy to follow. We just got back from a 1200 mile trip, we had 95lbs of cargo strapped to the racks and experianced no issues. The racks are sturdy, and our cargo didn't move at all. Very happy with the purchase.

5 stars 5 stars - PERFECT!
Written by AFP, on 6/11/2012

Very Happy with quality of product and sale.

4 stars 4 stars - Fits like glove!
Written by StickMan85, on 4/12/2012

Got this for holding two 10 foot kayaks. It fits my 2007 Acura TL-S like a glove. Holds the weight I need just fine witch is about 100lbs. The only con, witch should be expected is at interstate speeds (60-80mph) adds a bit extra sound as bars cut though the air. Only a bit, if that's a worry go for the aero model also sold here.

5 stars 5 stars - Great Price and Great Product
Written by WillkShake, on 4/2/2012

I knew Thule made a great product and cargo gear offered the set I needed for my 2011 prius at the best price and they put everything together for you so don't have to research what 3 thule items you need to have thule roof racks. These racks make it so I can carry a 9 ft longboard on my prius. I recommend getting the wind fairing. It cut out all the wind noise and I hear it helps with gas milage too.

5 stars 5 stars - Great Product
Written by Jason, on 11/20/2011

great product. i use it on my 2011 kia soul to carry my bikes

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