1995 Cadillac Seville Roof Racks

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SportRack 1995 Seville - Bare Roof Base Rack System

SportRack 1995 Seville - Bare Roof Base Rack System
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4.6 stars
4.6 stars - 16 reviews

SportRack Frontier Rack Reviews

5 stars 5 stars - I recomend this product
Written by Z Bill, on 12/7/2017

I bought this product and used it to transport two 14' kayaks on top of my Nissan Altima from Chicago to Texas (1400miles each way). It exceeded my expectations. Very strong and durable product.

SportRack 2013 Nissan Altima - Bare Roof Base Rack System

4 stars 4 stars - Does the job
Written by Rabbit, on 6/24/2017

Rack will be used on a Honda Accord to help transport luggage and other items in a car top carry bag, Lockable covers add some security. Front cross bar will make some noise at higher speeds. Noise can be reduced or eliminated by twirling an elastic tie down strap around the front cross bar. This rack system adequately allows transportation on top of a vehicle with no racks. Tightening adjustment thru bolts is essential to a sturdy mounting which will allow for a safe road trip.

SportRack 2013 Accord sedan - Bare Roof Base Rack System

5 stars 5 stars - Good product. Would recommend to others
Written by AK_TAI, on 10/14/2016

Use to carry cartop cargo box.

SportRack 2000 CR-V - Bare Roof Base Rack System

3 stars 3 stars - Good quality rack- just be prepared
Written by Bought for prius, on 9/12/2016

Bought this for my daughters Prius. Fine rack- she will use it to move out to MI with her stuff- but be prepared to spend 3-4 hours trying to figure it out. Directions were poor- some screws missing, actual rods didn't seem like the right length. Thank goodness I have a handy brother who made it work. I'm not sure I'd really trust it though. Time will tell. Had it on only a month. Moved once. Fine price- maybe that's why. Get what you pay for?

SportRack 2008 Prius - Bare Roof Base Rack System

5 stars 5 stars - Sportrack
Written by K.R., on 6/30/2016

I bought this for my Honda Fit. My husband I installed it easily together. The quality of the parts and the ease of the installation are essential for me.

SportRack 2013 Honda Fit - Bare Roof Base Rack System

5 stars 5 stars - Great rack at a reasonable price!
Written by Radacal, on 5/31/2016

Outstanding rack! Directions excluded my car, '12 Ford Focus Hatchback, but was able to fit my car with some thought. I think it can fit MOST cars.

SportRack 2012 Ford Focus 5-door hatchback - Bare Roof Base Rack System

5 stars 5 stars - Must have!!!
Written by Jonnie, on 3/24/2016

I use these to haul my kayaks...great product and very durable

SportRack 2010 Focus sedan - Bare Roof Base Rack System

5 stars 5 stars - Look Really Nice!
Written by ROB, on 9/19/2015

I purchased the Sport Rack to use for those times our 2014 Ford Focus Hatchback just doesn't have the room to carry our luggage and other items. Installation was quite easy and seems a perfect fit. The racks look very nice on our car. I have not yet had the opportunity to actually put anything on top of the racks, but from the looks of them, they seem stout enough that they will carry big loa

SportRack 2014 Ford Focus 5-door hatchback - Bare Roof Base Rack System

4 stars 4 stars - 2008prius roofrack. good price and perf.
Written by qval, on 2/9/2015

It was a bit hard to install, but I got it very secure. The directions are pretty clear, I just kept doubting them and myself. But it held my skis at high speed and is still very sturdy.

SportRack 2008 Prius - Bare Roof Base Rack System

5 stars 5 stars - Great Roof Rack
Written by P Dawg, on 9/25/2014

Great roof rack. When used with a Hyundai Elantra the window seal causes a bit of noise. That's the car's fault, not the roof rack.

SportRack 2008 Elantra - Bare Roof Base Rack System

5 stars 5 stars - Great purchase
Written by CC, on 7/30/2014

It is easy to setup/use. The rack really worked as planned. The only change I would make would be to use a faring to cut back on noise and wind resistance. I am happy with this purchase.

SportRack 2011 Prius - Bare Roof Base Rack System

4 stars 4 stars - affordable basic rack
Written by kayaker wannabe, on 4/11/2014

It was nice to find a complete kit at an affordable price. Although it doesn't have the factory fit/finish...it was ~$350 less expensive.

SportRack 2011 Impreza wagon - Bare Roof Base Rack System

5 stars 5 stars - 2004 Grand Prix roof rack for kayak
Written by John R., on 3/31/2014

Instructions are very generic. Don't trust dimensions provided. Be patient and trail fit before tightening.

SportRack 2004 Grand Prix - Bare Roof Base Rack System

5 stars 5 stars - Great Roof Rack
Written by Ski family, on 3/31/2014

Got this roof rack for my CRV because it was much better priced than a Thule or Yakima. It fits great, adjustable, would fit any vehicle of similar size. It seems well made so far (3 months) and has worked great to haul skis.

SportRack 2000 CR-V - Bare Roof Base Rack System

5 stars 5 stars - Works well but do take time adjusting
Written by Sailor Samantha, on 9/4/2013

Maybe I'm just slow, but it took me a while to figure out how to change the various angles to make it fit just right. But it does fit, and putting it on is now easy. Worked fine holding small sailboat on Honda Accord. Of course I've got some serious straps around everything just in case. I did look at the cheap Walmart version--it looks quite flimsy by comparison.

SportRack 1998 Accord sedan - Bare Roof Base Rack System

4 stars 4 stars - Great rack for the price!
Written by Ace, on 8/16/2013

Overall it seems to be a great rack, especially considering it costs half as much as some of the bigger name brand racks. This one fits a number of vehicles, including my 2006 VW Jetta and 2013 Hyundai Elantra, which is nice because I can switch it between my vehicles as opposed to buying a second one. I attached a huge Tule roof box with no issues, and after around 10,000 miles (just returned from a long road trip), I haven't noticed any issues. The issues I do have with it are as follows: -The lock caps are plastic and contain a metal piece that twists and once twisted, does not fit back through the hole in the rack body, thereby locking the rack and preventing it from being removed from the car. A crowbar, or possibly even a sturdy screwdriver, could be wedged between the rack and the lock cap and then used to break it off. Of course the same could probably be said for most/all racks. -The clips that hold the cross bar in place dig relatively deep into the metal, which would be a problem if you did need to move it between multiple vehicles, and makes me question the strength of the metal. Then again, it is holding up bikes/boxes/snowboards/etc., not a structural support for a house, so I doubt it would ever be a problem. All other annoyances are insignificant and would be the same with any rack that fits vehicles without rain gutters or factory installed rails. That being said, I am very happy with my purchase. If the Tule rack were the same price, I'd go with that one obviously, but at half the price, this one is a great deal and I doubt I will ever have any need to replace it. It's a quality product in my opinion, assuming its cheaper than bigger name brands.

SportRack 2006 Jetta - Bare Roof Base Rack System


black rectangular rack cross barcamera

Length: 45 inches

Color: Black

Material: Steel

Shape: Rectangular

Finish: Matte black plastic sleeve

Fit Notes
  1. Also fits Seville SLS

Rack Feet

rack footcamera

Install Method: Clamps around door openings, rubber pads rest on car roof. (more info)

Color: Black

Construction: Steel

Shape & Finish: Some plastic shrouding

Locks: Includes Locks

The Frontier bare roof rack is SportRack's roof rack for cars with no rails or fixed points. The foot is made of metal with some plastic shrouding. It has an integrated rubber pad that sits on the roof of the car and a rubber coated hook that clamps the rack into the door openings. The square crossbars have a thin loose fitting plastic sleeve. The traditional square bar design is compatible with most accessories, adapters are NOT typically needed for most accessories. Locks are included. Comes fully assembled. This is a nice rack that is strong and durable at a really great price.

Lifetime warranty

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