2017 Nissan Armada Roof Racks

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2017 Armada Thule Aeroblade Roof Rack Cross Bars for Raised Rails

2017 Armada Thule Aeroblade Roof Rack Cross Bars for Raised Rails
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CrossRoad AeroBlade Rack Reviews

5 stars 5 stars - Just as advertised!!
Written by X6enthusiast, on 6/23/2015

Just what I was looking for. Easy install and fits my needs. Cargo gears transaction was very smooth and easy. Thanks!!

2010 BMW X6 Thule Aeroblade Roof Rack Cross Bars for Raised Rails


Thule aeroblade crossbarscamera

Length: 53 inches

Color: Silver with black trim

Material: Aluminum

Shape: Aerodynamic blade

Finish: Matte silver with black rubber

Fit Notes
  1. Larger Thule cargo boxes and 887/XT Slipstream may hinder ability to opening rear hatch completely

Rack Feet

rack footcamera

Install Method: Clamps around raised factory roof rails running from front to back along the sides of the car roof. (more info)

Color: Black

Construction: Steel

Shape & Finish: Aerodynamic plastic shroud

Locks: Locks are available

The CrossRoad rack is Thule's raised rail roof rack. The CrossRoad foot is made of metal with an nice plastic shroud. It clamps around the raised rails of your car with a steel strap that has a thick rubber coating. The AeroBlade cross-bars cut the wind, reducing drag and nearly eliminating noise. With AeroBlade crossbars, adapters may be needed for some accessories, some accessories are not compatible, so be sure to check our rack and accessory guide. Locks are available separately, security is industry standard. While locks cost extra the Thule one key system allows for having the same key for the racks and all accessories. The Aeroblade bars and CrossRoad feet are awesome quality. Quality, looks and no noise, this is the rack to get!

Lifetime warranty

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