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CargoGear Item#:  BLCNET
Bell Part: 33653
This cargo net is ideal for the rear cargo area of your car or SUV. It measures 45 inches x 24 inches. Its stretch cord perimeter corner loops can stretch up to 60 inches apart. The mesh of the netting is a little more than 1 inch square, when the mesh of the net is held "square". Great for securing groceries, sports equipment and car supplies. Use the net flat against a bulkhead or fold in half for a hammock style net. The net corner loops can be used with built-in mounting hooks in your cargo area, or use the included mounting hardware for custom installation. Includes 4 plastic anchor knobs with adhesive to mount to most smooth metal and plastic surfaces; also includes sheet metal screws and retaining clips for non-adhesive alternate installation. Manufacturer's part number: 33653
CargoGear Reviews
4 stars4 stars - What I wanted.
Written by , on 9/13/2019

Perfect size and type for what I needed (hold down groceries). My mid sized SUV already had tie down loops so it would have been nice if hooks, maybe loose plastic S-hooks, would have been included.

4 stars4 stars - Great bang for your buck
Written by , on 5/2/2017

Bought this net to use for overhead storage in the back of my 95 ford explorer that i am making into an off-road camping vehicle. It fits pretty well across the headliner and was easye ough to install. It was a little looser and more flexible than i was hoping honestly, anything up there makes it really sag pretty low. But for very light things it may work okay. If you were using it for anything other than over head storage like me i think it would be an excellent product for the price.

5 stars5 stars - Great product, easy to install and works as I had hoped.
Written by , on 4/20/2017

Great to keep items at reach in the bed of truck

5 stars5 stars - excellent flexibility in use
Written by , on 2/9/2015

Used this net as a pet barrier. Installed the anchors in the door pillars both sides high and low in a full size SUV. Works like a charm , a snap to install and remove, or store. Way better than those metal barriers that are pricy and always need adjusting.

3 stars3 stars - Well, not quite what I expected...
Written by , on 12/28/2013

It have a Mercedes GLK350 and Mercedes products to serve as a 'grocery carrier' for the back were totally I took a chance with your product. It is okay but not quite suitable for the use I wanted it for, which is to 'string' across the back area of the loading area as a 'sac' to hold grocery bags. The mounting device in the back of the SUV allow the bag to only sit at about 10" high and is not taut at all. The mounting devices that you included to either stick on or screw on did not stick to the surface at the areas where it needed to be. So my husband is still trying to jerry rig it together to serve its purpose.

3 stars3 stars - Ordinary
Written by , on 12/27/2013

The product is an ordinary cargo net uses are fairly obvious if you purchased one. Nothing special about it

4 stars4 stars - Good Quality
Written by , on 12/27/2013

This is a really nice net. However, it is too big for the vehicle I ordered it for. I plan to use it for a different purpose than what I bought it for. Look at the sizing very carefully.

5 stars5 stars - Perfect item
Written by , on 10/8/2013

Adapted the net to make an interior, over-head storage for camping gear and other items. It has worked pefectly though the net had to be pulled tightly so it would not sag with the weight. I now have floor space for my Irish wolfhound plus sleeping room when camping. Perfect storage solution!

3 stars3 stars - Cargo net
Written by , on 9/6/2013

I bought the cargo net to use in the back of my SUV. I wanted / needed something to keep the groceries from rolling around. The net performs as designed but I would not recommend it for use in the back of an SUV. First, it's way too long and second, it's not wide enough. That's not the nets fault or the fault of the manufacture. I just should not have bought it. It does not suit my needs. So I'm

2 stars2 stars - not impressed.
Written by , on 8/30/2013

Not impressed. I use it to secure music gear during transportation and the bungees that hold the net together began breaking after the 2nd use. I had to attach new straps to it to keep using it.

5 stars5 stars - Car Trunk Cargo Net
Written by , on 4/19/2013


5 stars5 stars - Cargo net
Written by , on 11/21/2012

I used this on my Ice fishing sled to keep everything in. It works out great and with some extra bungees keeps everything tight.

5 stars5 stars - Works Great
Written by , on 11/16/2012

my wife needed a cargo net for her Nissan 2010 Rogue and it works great...

5 stars5 stars - Perfect for my airplane cargo area.
Written by , on 10/25/2012

Fits the bill.

4 stars4 stars - Nice little net
Written by , on 7/9/2012

I use this little net to hold light cargo down in the small cargo area of my Chevy Tracker. The net itself is not a bungee material so it works well my my purposes.

4 stars4 stars - Almost perfect
Written by , on 6/21/2012

I used these cargo nets to separate storage from the engine in my 23' boat. I looked all over for something that was light weight and would do the job without blocking air flow ventilation. Although these were a little larger than the space I need to cover, they were easy to modify using zip ties. They work really well and look neat.

5 stars5 stars - Dog
Written by , on 6/21/2012

Keeps the dog in the back of jeep and that makes me happy

5 stars5 stars - Works great
Written by , on 6/8/2012

I am using this product as a dog screen in my Jeep

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