Bednet Compact Cargo Net

Bednet Compact Cargo Net
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CargoGear Item#:  BNCCNET
BEDNET Part: BN-0402
The Bednet Compact Cargo Net is a small-sized net made of 2" wide high-strength polyester webbing. This seatbelt grade webbing is UV-resistant and is double-sewn with industrial polyester thread. The approximately 2 foot x 3 foot Compact Cargo Net is a convenient size to secure loose items in the trunk or rear hatch area of your car. You may also use it as a luggage net on your roof rack or on an ATV. Large brass rolled-ridge grommets are strategically placed along the edge of the net for versatile anchoring options. 4 heavy duty adjustable length stretch cords are included, each with a large plastic hook on one end and a ball stopper on the other. These corner straps allow the cargo net to attach to interior vehicle hooks, around bars, to tie-down anchors or rings, etc. Webbing area of net measures 24" x 33.5". Bednet high-strength webbing products are made from quality materials and are built to last. Color: Black. Manufacturer's part number: BN-0402
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