BedNet Back Seat Cargo Restraint System with Mesh Underlay

BedNet Back Seat Cargo Restraint System with Mesh Underlay
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CargoGear Item#:  BNICRM
BEDNET Part: BN-0304
Safely carry cargo in the backseat of your truck with the BedNet Truck Interior Cargo Restraint System with mesh underlay. Made with a black high-strength polyster seatbelt webbing and mesh underlay. The Interior Cargo Restraint is easily installed over cargo in back seats of your pickup or SUV. Simply thread the polyester cambuckle straps on each of the lower corners of the net around the rear seat leg or brace, pull the net up to cover the cargo on your back seat and clip the aluminum carabineer located on each upper corner of the net to the seatbelt in your truck or SUV . The lower steel cam buckle straps can be adjusted as necessary. Also, the net has two grommets near each corner so it can be adjusted to accomodate the size of your cargo. The cargo restraint system will work on any vehicle that has shoulder seat-bealts and access to the seat supports under the back seat. This net will not work as a divider, it only works with cargo in place. Estimated working load limit of 250 lbs. Measures 39" by 60". Included with each Bednet cargo restraint is a heavy duty fabric carrying case. Manufacturer's part number: BN-0304

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