Bednet Interior Bulkhead Net for SUVs

Bednet Interior Bulkhead Net for SUVs
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CargoGear Item#:  BNSNET
BEDNET Part: BN-0345
The Bednet 0345 Bulkhead Net is a net for the SUVs and crossovers. This bulkhead net keeps your cargo from shifting into front of the vehicle. You can install or disengage within minutes. The top straps of the net and 28 inches long and secures to the coat handles on the ceiling of your vehicle. Two cam-buckle straps secure the bottom of the bulkhead net to the bottom of the seat. There are 6 grommets on each of the lower corners of the net to position the 25.5 inch long cam-buckle strap to the best tie-down position. Dimensions: 50 inches (Width) x 45 inches (Height). Holes are approximately 5 inches x 5 inches. Carry bag included. Manufacturer's part number: BN-0345
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