Bednet Interior Bulkhead Net for Cargo Vans

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CargoGear Item#:  BNVNET
BEDNET Part: BN-0323
The Bednet 0323 Bulkhead Net is a net for the bulkhead of cargo vans. Van bulkhead net installed in van This bulkhead net keeps your cargo from shifting into front section of your cargo van. Install in minutes in most vehicles with anchor points on the ceiling of the cargo van. Loop the top straps through the anchor points on the ceiling of your cargo van and secure the bottom of the net with two straps to the tie-down points or seat mounts on the floor of your cargo van. Made from 2 inch automotive seat belt webbing. Dimensions: 50 inches (Width) x 45 inches (Height). Manufacturer's part number: BN-0323
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Written by , on 6/17/2017

With some improvisation, I was able to use this product in my Chevy Traverse. The Traverse has no tie-downs on the interior roof, so the fit is not ideal. Using quarter-inch rope, and lying the cargo net flat on the vehicle's floor (seats folded down), I secure the bottom (rearmost) corners of the net to the lower two ties-downs at the back of the vehicle. Then I load the cargo on the net, fold the forward end of the net up and around the cargo, and secure the top corners of the net to the upper two tie-downs at the back of the vehicle. Tightening the ropes at all 4 corners creates a secure bundle that keeps the cargo from shifting forward in a hard stop.

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