CargoGear Drink Coasters, set of 4

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CargoGear Item#:  CGCOAST
CargoGear Part: CG0001
CargoGear handcrafted coasters. A true CargoGear exclusive made of genuine corrugated cardboard, cut with imprecision, and hand stamped. No two alike - collect them all but watch out for paper cuts. Instructions not included. Not available in stores. Manufacturer's part number: CG0001
CargoGear Reviews
5 stars5 stars - The most High Tech Coasters EVER!
Written by , on 1/11/2019

Do you use Hardwood desks? I do and these coasters are Outstanding! they allow maximum airflow through their creative design preventing your hardwoods from "feeling the heat" of your most tasty beverages. There safe for Laptop use as well. Cold beverages, hot beverages, All beverages can stay safe atop these wonderful marvels of cardboard creation! - - I'm sure these have saved my marriage a time or too as my wife hates it when I leave water rings on our tables. Thank you cargo gear for your assistance in a happy and more productive home life and workplace, Happy wife = Happy life! - - Cheers! - Gonzo

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