Heavy Duty Truck Cargo Bar - Big Maxx

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CargoGear Item#:  COBARMAXX
Core Part: BMB5671
This rugged Road Ready cargo bar holds heavy cargo in place in your truck bed, rear cargo area of a van or SUV, or inside an RV toy hauler. It's great as a truck bed divider, too. A precision ratchet system adjusts the bar to your vehicle's width and locks it in place with tension. The 2.5" x 4" swiveling feet are rubber-booted for scratch resistance and a super grip. The Big Maxx Cargo Bar mounts anywhere without drilling, and the bar adjusts from 56" to 71" wide. The bar is 1 1/8" diameter aluminum tubing, the ratchet mechanism and end feet are steel with a durable black powdercoat finish. Backed by Core's 1-Year Warranty. Manufacturer's part number: BMB5671
CargoGear Reviews
5 stars5 stars - Great Product Worth Looking At!
Written by , on 8/31/2012

We needed something to secure heavy bins in bed of new F150. Looked at other similar products but felt they would not hold up to the job. Then came across this Big Maxx and after reading reviews, ordered it. Was satisfied with quality and strength when secured. Have used it several times and know it will not fail us. Worth every penny and thanks Cargo Gear for quick delivery.

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