Receiver Extender 1 1/4" Square - 7" Extension, 1-1/4" opening to 1-1/4" opening, Black

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CargoGear Item#:  CU45789
Curt Part: 45789
One piece unit to extend the length of the receiver tube.
  • 7" Extension
  • 1-1/4" opening to 1-1/4" opening
  • Color: Black
  • Towing Capacity: Gross Trailer Weight Limited to Hitch Capacity, Tongue Weight Limited to Hitch Capacity
Manufacturer's part number: 45789
CargoGear Reviews
5 stars5 stars - Great product.
Written by , on 6/10/2012

I bought this receiver extender for my wife's car so that we could attach a bike rack without having to crawl under the car. The extender was a bit loose in the original receiver so I put some thin sheet metal around the 1 1/4 square tube to increase the size slightly, minimum to no wobble now. I bolted the extender to the car instead of using the hitch pin since the extender will be a more permanent installation. It is perfect and we can attach the bike rack w/o crawling under the car.

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