Hook Tight Hook Keeper 12-Pack

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Hook-Tight Part: (Qty 3: 6005-24)
Hook Tight keeps cargo tie-down hooks secured to anchor points. The Hook Tight stretches to fit most standard cargo strap hooks. They work with the heavy-duty rubber coated hooks on cambuckle straps and ratchet straps as well as thinner metal hooks on bungee cords.

Hook Tight improves safety. Straps secure your load and Hook Tight secures its hooks. Open hooks can come unhooked when the strap goes slack. Bumps or wind gust can make your cargo shift and cause straps to go slack. The strap stays hooked with Hook Tight and you cargo is secure.

Hook Tight makes straps easier to use. It happens...you hook one end of a strap or bungee cord or one corner of a net and while you are trying to get the other end hooked, the first hook comes unhooked. Hook Tight solves this problem. Hook it, secure the hook and work on the other end.

If you have straps with hooks you should have Hook Tight. Manufacturer's part number: (Qty 3: 6005-24)

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