Inno In-Car Fishing Rod Holder - J-Hook - IF4 - Up to 7 Rods

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CargoGear Item#:  INFISHJH7
Inno Part: IF4
Inno IF4 in-vehicle fishing rod rack for up to 7 fishing rods. The rack replaces a set of grab handles in your vehicle and makes use of your overhead space to safely transport your fishing rods. This Inno holder uses J-hook holders with a rubber band for both the rear and front holders. These J-hook holder allow grip diameter from 22mm to 32mm and the rod and tip diameter up to 32mm. The IF4 is compatible with 2-piece fishing rods for sea bass fishing and boat fishing and telescopic rods for rock fishing, boat fishing, surf fishing, landing net handles, and gaffs.

The IF4 fishing rod holder is compatible only with vehicles with grab handles in the 2nd or 3rd rows seats, has a width between the bases of the grab handles between 35-1/2 inches and 47 inches, and has one of the 2 allowable mounting attachments - pre-existing M5 or M6 bolt attachments or square cutout with a height between 3/8 inches and 7/16 inches. Please view the IF Fishing Rod Holder page for additional installation information. Please note that due to the length of the interior of your vehicle and the length of your fishing rods, some fishing rods may not be able to fit. Manufacturer's part number: IF4

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