Inno ISF716 Long Bolt Kit for INA450, INA451 (cradles only)

Inno ISF716 Long Bolt Kit for INA450, INA451 (cradles only)
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CargoGear Item#:  INISF716
Inno Part: ISF716
Inno INA455 Carry 1 or 2 Kayaks on your Car Roof Rack
Additional Cradle Set for INA450 Carrier
Inno long bolt adapters allow carriers to be mounted on oversize factory racks, Rhino-Rack crossbars, and Thule Xsporter and Professional truck racks. These replacement bolts are longer than the ones included with Inno carriers and allow the mounting clamps to fit around bars between 1" and 2" tall. If you have an Inno or Thule roof rack with square load bars, you do not need this adapter kit.
  • ISF716 kit is for INA450 and INA451 cradles.
  • One set of ISF716 allows one set of cradles to be mounted; the INA450 carrier requires 2 ISF716 to convert both sets of cradles.
  • Consult the Roof Rack Accessory Guide for more information.
Manufacturer's part number: ISF716

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