Inno INA455 Carry 1 or 2 Kayaks on your Car Roof Rack

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CargoGear Item#:  INKYA
Inno Part: INA455
Additional Cradle Set for INA450 Carrier
Inno ISF716 Long Bolt Kit for INA450, INA451 (cradles only)
This is a roof rack carrier for 1 or 2 kayaks. It has universal hardware that mounts quickly on all types of car roof racks, including: Inno, Thule, and most factory cross bars. The carrier has padded buckle straps that hold your kayaks on their sides for compact transport. 4 padded cradles and rests protect sea or whitewater kayaks, and can be used with kayaks that weigh up to 70 lbs. The upright rests fold down when not in use, so your car has better clearance. This is a really nice kayak carrier at a really nice price. It mounts to the cross bars of your existing car roof rack. Backed by Inno's Lifetime Warranty. Manufacturer's part number: INA455
CargoGear Reviews
5 stars5 stars - Great Product
Written by , on 10/4/2016

This is a great kayak rack. Installed easily on the square crossbar, but would also on the aero bars. One note, which I learned from experience but would have learned from a very very close read of the good instruction/installation manual. For a single kayak, install the vertical support towards the middle of the cross-bars, with the hull cradle just inside the pillars that support the crossbar. You'll want to load the 'yak from the side of the car, of course, so have the upright in the center-ish of the crossbar so you can just heave the 'yak onto the crossbars. And secure from the side of the car instead of having to reach across the roof to secure things. If two 'yaks, you might be able to put one on either side of the pillars, though I don't see that as an option in the (very good) installation manual. Another note- the straps are extremely long - accommodates two 'yaks easily, but if you're always going to be a single boat on the roof you'll want to trim the lengths. For securing the bow and stern to the bumpers (they're right, this is a good idea) flat straps don't work so well. At any speed, the wind turbulence just flogs a flat strap. A round rope works much better, the wind just whips around the rope, rather than flogging a strap back and forth. Buckles come loose, extra strap that you think you've tied up well comes unwound, etc. Use rope to secure the ends of the boat, but use the straps to tie the boat to the rack and uprights. I drove about 20 miles on major roads but not freeways with boat on the rack, limited experience so far. I tried sudden stops and hard acceleration (it's a Hyundai, not a Tesla) at times to test the rack. The boat didn't move a millimeter that I could see.

4 stars4 stars - Easy to install and worked as needed
Written by , on 9/5/2014

Bought if for my kid to bring her new kayaks to college. Her and her brother were able to get it on the rack and the kayaks up without too much fuss. Kayaks made it through the 3 hour drive. All is good. A good investment for a healthy hobby!

4 stars4 stars - More than I expected and then some
Written by , on 6/18/2014

I carry 2 kayaks easily, up to three with an added craddle set. Adjusts to mount anyway you want it.

3 stars3 stars - Looks good
Written by , on 5/4/2014

Looks good. Haven't tested it yet.

5 stars5 stars - Just as advertised!
Written by , on 12/5/2013

Just put this on my Honda Accord and drove around for an hour or two with the kayaks to make sure everything is shipshape before heading to Florida for the winter to fish and go birdwatching. Make sure to take time to measure consistently and record measurements when first putting the support and cradles on so that in future everything will load quickly, especially if also using other attachments.

5 stars5 stars - I can load 2 kayaks by myself in under 5
Written by , on 7/12/2013

Bar folds down for easy strap installation. Strap has heavy duty buckle and is easy to tighten and take off

5 stars5 stars - Easy to Use
Written by , on 5/29/2013

I bought this rack to carry two kayaks on a Honda-CRV. The rack was easy to set-up, and install. Loading the kayaks is super easy, even easier than I had anticipated. Only one person is needed to load the kayaks, and they can be strapped in and ready to go in a matter of minutes. I couldn't be happier with this purchase.

4 stars4 stars - Awesome
Written by , on 3/30/2013

This thing gets the job done. I'd probably would of spent the money on the J racks now that I think about it. No complaints though.

3 stars3 stars - Easy to install, secure, no issues!
Written by , on 8/13/2012

Used to move kayak(s) to get out on the lake in the mountains or bay down the shore. 200 miles either way. Used in combination with Inno roof racks. Good buys!

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