Loadhandler 2200 Pickup Unloader, Fullsize Trucks

Loadhandler 2200 Pickup Unloader, Fullsize Trucks
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CargoGear Item#:  LH2000
LoadHandler Part:
Loadhandler Doubl Mat Truck Bed Mat
The LoadHandler LH2200 is a pickup truck unloader for fullsize trucks. It has a 2,200 lb load capacity and is suitable for unloading 1/2 ton trucks on a once or twice a week schedule. Like all Loadhandler truck unloaders, it features a heavy gauge poly fabric drag sheet, a steel take-up bar, padded brackets and tie-down straps. It can be installed and removed in minutes. Price includes Ground Shipping. Fits: All Fullsize Fords (except SuperCrew - use LH2200M), Chevy/GMC Fullsize, All Fullsize Dodge, Toyota Tundra and T100. For all Stepsides, use LH2200M. Manufacturer's part number:

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