Moto-Gate Cargo and Truck Tailgate Net

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CargoGear Item#:  MGORIG
Moto-Gate Part: MTO-05-100
The Moto-Gate Original is a 54" by 17" nylon webbing cargo net with adjustable straps and hooks. A Moto-Gate net is way more than a replacement tailgate net. Moto Gate nets grew out of the motocross industry where riders need nets to hold cargo in their truck bed and on the tailgate with the tailgate down. This works great to hold cargo in the front of the truck bed too, just hook the adjustable straps to the front tie points. Moto-Gate nets have a unique design that improves their strength and their usability. The adjustable straps are not actually attached to the net, the straps pass through tubes in the net, this allows for much more adjustability, and there is new sewn attachment point to focus forces and fail.

There are 2 10ft straps with hooks and cambuckles on each end, the net slides on the straps. So you can position the net over your cargo and hook the straps wherever convenient. When not being used it rolls up and stows under or behind the seat. This is a quality cargo net that is usable and unique.

If you are going to use it accross the truck bed to hold gear in place, the Original Moto-Gate is the right size for all pickup trucks. It will pull taut across fullsize truck beds. Manufacturer's part number: MTO-05-100
CargoGear Reviews
5 stars5 stars - Absolutely what I was looking for
Written by , on 6/11/2013

So much better than the flimsy nets I have used in the past. Will hold a load and easy to install and remove. I use it behind the rear wheels of my side by side when it is in the back of my truck to hold other things in the bed.

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