Ultra Truck Cap Seal for pickup bed rails

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CargoGear Item#:  MPULTTS
Extruded Solutions Part: UCS-200
Ultimate Truck Tailgate Seal - 10 feet
Extruded Rubber Seal for the Front Truck Bed Rail
The Ultra Cap Seal is priced per foot. After adding to your cart, enter the number of feet you want in the quantity box. We will ship as one piece. Ultra Truck Cap Seal protects your truck's bedrails from scratches and prevents water from invading the interior of your truck bed when covered by a cap or shell. The high quality OEM rubber is much longer lasting than foam tape. Ultra Cap Seal is 1.5" wide and .5" high, peel-off adhesive strip is 1.25" wide. Ultra Cap Seal will be shipped as one piece, you can cut it to desired length. Manufacturer's part number: UCS-200
CargoGear Reviews
5 stars5 stars - Ultra Truck cap seal
Written by , on 11/2/2017

Easy to install. Stayed in place while cap was elevated. Tight seal, cushioned nicely. No more leaks.

5 stars5 stars - Excellant product
Written by , on 4/14/2016

I used this on my canopy for my P/U. It's durable and best of all stays where it's supposed to without always tightening my clamps. And water doesn't come in anymore!

5 stars5 stars - Best seal I've found so far
Written by , on 11/18/2015

It showed up very quickly at my door and not damaged in shipping, it was welcome to see this. Unfortunately the delivery services in my area seem to beat up everything. Why do dealers who install caps insist on using the old school thin foam tape and do lame installs? All this does is wreck your trucks finish in short order? I see this time and time again, just look at some trucks with wrap style caps and you'll see it yourself. Paint chafe from to low of a install is common. Why pay top dollar for new truck and cap and have it ruined very quickly. It happened to me and many people I know. Demand that installers use this seal and the end rail seal and most issues are solved. My cap now rest safely above the paint and will never chafe or leak. Ask lots of questions about "all" the installation details and definitely inspect the finish work. Quality is in the details. If you care about your truck this seal is the best way to go by far. If you don't care, you would not have even read this far by now.

4 stars4 stars - Good product
Written by , on 10/23/2015

Good value. Very good service from the company

5 stars5 stars - Great product
Written by , on 10/15/2014

Great product - strong adhesive. I purchased to use on all bed rails. The one downfall i found was that the height of the weatherstripping. When clamping the topper on the truck I had a hard time compressing the weatherstripping and the aluminum topper rails were flexing. I will replace the sides with a shorter weatherstripping - but in the right application, this stuff is great.

5 stars5 stars - Ultra Truck Cap Seal best I have seen
Written by , on 10/14/2014

This is the best topper seal I have ever encountered.

5 stars5 stars - A thumbs-up from my local Cap retailer.
Written by , on 7/12/2014

Before buying the Ultra Truck Cap Seal I first checked with my local truck cap retailer for their input which was positive and then I had it put on by some pros who had done some other refurbishing work to my truck.

Prep work for a good final seal is most important. You must get all the old previous seal and adhesive cleaned off before applying the Ultra Seal. Your cap must come entirely off the bed and set aside to be properly worked on. This shop had their own particular hangers for that kind of work. For the home handyman you would want to use a couple of adjustable horses set up high enough to hang the cap on after removal from the bed. My Cap was a Leer, heavy enough that it took four guys to lift and remove it. So while it was on their hangers they had to lay on the ground to work on it. One problem they ran into was that the adhesive on the Ultra Seal wasn't strong enough to stick securely to the cap. It kept falling off from the cap to the extent that they removed it and re-enforced it all with double faced tape. Had the Cap been flipped upside-down onto a pad as some suggest, this lack of adhesion may not have been noticed, but would result in added frustration later on. On the corners they didn't attempt making any 45 degree cuts. But rather used their own sealer-gun to seal where the two pieces butted against each other.

One concern was that my truck had that black LINE-X sealer sprayed throughout the bed running partially over the rails. Since that is a rough crinkly material, one may not get the most positive seal as opposed to just the original smooth painted rails. Fortunately, in my case it didn't constitute any problem. The four clamps that fasten the Cap to the bed still seem to do the job, although the mechanics thought that perhaps another two would be better for compressing the Ultra Seal evenly all around. Since completing the job we've experienced a few heavy rainfalls and the Ultra Seal did the job of keeping my carpeted truck bed completely dry.

5 stars5 stars - I used it for my street rod top, GREAT
Written by , on 8/29/2013

"I used it for my lift-off hard top on a street rod.It was easy to use and sealed my top to the body perfectly. Great product. "

5 stars5 stars - Truck cap seal
Written by , on 8/19/2013

I found the seal very easy to work with.

4 stars4 stars - Much better than the foam.
Written by , on 8/16/2013

This product is much more substantial than the standard foam and seems to be very resilient. It fills the voids between the canopy and truck bed and has not leaked. It is easy to apply and seems to withstand canopy shifting while you're fitting it to the truck. I'd give it five stars but it's longevity has not been tested.

4 stars4 stars - Easy to install, works great
Written by , on 4/18/2013

Product was used to seal cap to the bed rails of my truck. Was easy to install.

5 stars5 stars - Excellent Product
Written by , on 2/22/2013

Great product, easy to apply and sealed my truck topper to the bed of my truck.

4 stars4 stars - works great, easy to install
Written by , on 12/6/2012

I thought it would be more like rubber, but it's more like foam rubber. Works great though.

5 stars5 stars - Extruded Solutions is THE solution!
Written by , on 12/6/2012

I used this to replace the seal on my truck topper. It is far superior to the original seal on the topper. After I removed the old seal then cleaned and sanded the area I just unrolled the cap seal and removed the paper backing off the adhesive strip as I applied the seal to the topper. Around the corners it was easy to trim to make the turns and looks great! After putting the topper back on the

5 stars5 stars - Works great!
Written by , on 4/12/2012

I ordered 25 feet of this for my fullsize Ram 2500 longbed and had about a foot leftover. My trucks shell seal was failing and letting water into the bed. I installed this in less than an hour and was 'lucky' enough to drive through a rainstorm the following day and there was no water at all in the bed. The shell is sealed very well to the truck now. The only downside is this is thicker than the previous seal so the shell sits up a tad higher, and my clamps barely fit, but it worked out fine.

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