Interlock Towing Starter Kit - 2" receiver, 9" length, 2" drop, 3/4" rise, 2" ball, 600/6,000 lb. capacity

In Stock (Estimated Ship Date:  1/19/2022)

CargoGear Item#:  RETOWKIT1
Reese Part: 21542
Reese Interlock tow kit 21542 includes a ball mount with preinstalled 2 inch hitch ball and a 5/8 inch hitch pin and clip. Interlock hitch balls and mounts fit together like a wrench and a nut so that only one actual wrench is needed to tighten or loosen the hitch ball. The hitch ball is chrome plated. The ball mount has a black anti corrosion Metal Shield finish. The hitch ball has been torqued to the manufacturer's specification. Manufacturer's part number: 21542

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