High Road StableMate - Extra Large Car Trash Bin - Black

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High Road Mega TrashStand extra large car floor litter bin. The Mega TrashStand is a really nice car litter basket with a unique pyramidal design to keep it from tipping over. It features a reinforced front and back and stabilizing side braces, they are a little tricky to put in, but once in place the Mega TrashStand holds its shape. Black Pack Cloth exterior and fused seam leak proof plastic liner. Flip close lid with magnetic closure to conceal trash when needed. Stylish woven side handles and a large mesh pocket. High friction bottom. Holds 4.5 Gallons. 13 x 10 x 9 inches. Manufacturer's part number: HR-TS-1006
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4 stars4 stars - It was a gift. But like what I saw.
Written by , on 11/18/2015

For the grandkids trash. Large enough to hold lots of garbage but small enough for the space it is in. Leak proof. Getting the kids in the habit of using it would be the problem now.

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