High Road Microsuede Padded Seatbelt Comfort Cover - Tan

High Road Microsuede Padded Seatbelt Comfort Cover - Tan
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Sometimes seatbelts can be sharp at the edges and dig into your neck. There is a solution for this irritating issue, the High Road Seatbelt Pad! It has been designed to prevent uncomfortable seatbelt chafing. It comes in two (2) different fabrics: plush fleece, which feels soft and snuggly on your skin, or Micro-suede with a phenomenal memory foam core. The micro-suede memory foam core pad also comes in three different colors: black, gray, and tan, while the fleece comes only in white. These are durable, soft, and an inexpensive way to protect your neck from those sharp encounters. Each pad is 8.25 inches long, by approximately 8.5 inches wide (folds to about 3.5 inches wide). A full length hook and loop strip keeps the pad securely closed. Manufacturer's part number:

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