Thule ProRide - A Wheel-On Car Roof Top Single Bike Carrier

Thule ProRide - A Wheel-On Car Roof Top Single Bike Carrier
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CargoGear Item#:  TH598003
Thule Part: 598003

Use the new ProRide XT with new Thule Wingbars.

The Thule ProRide - A Wheel-On Car Roof Top Single Bike Carrier - has all the accessories one needs to safely and quickly get their bicycle to their destination. The tray is made of aluminum, and the securing arm is made of steel. The whole system is lockable, which provides added security for your bicycle (Lock Cores and Keys sold separately). The ProRide can be installed onto Aeroblade and Square Crossbars, and can carry Road and Mountain Bikes of all sizes. The wheel trays are made of engineering grade plastic, and are adjustable to different bicycle sizes you intend to carry. The mounting trays (the points where the ProRide attaches onto crossbars) are also adjustable! This means that the Thule ProRide can accommodate most car roof rack crossbar spacings. The system works by placing your bicycle onto the wheel trays, adjusting the steel arm so the your bike frame is within the claws (the arm's claw has ribbed rubber inserts to conform to your frame for a comprehnsive grip), and then tighten the claw onto your frame. The system tightens through a torque limiting knob, so your system will not be over tighted, which furhter prevents any damage to the bicycle. Once the arm has secured the bike, you then strap the wheels into the tray: simply take the straps and insert them into the built-in ratchet. Ratchet the straps till they're fastened, and then head out on your adveture! To remove the bicycle: lift the lever on the built-in ratchets, pull out the straps, and then press on the release button next to the torque limiting knob, and then take your biycle from the car's roof. Easy as that. The whole system weighs about 10lbs., but has a load capacity of 44lbs. While the Thule ProRide - A Wheel-On Car Roof Top Single Bike Carrier -can only carry a bicycle, it will do so in the most secure way possible.


  • The whole system is lockable (lock cores and keys sold separately)
  • Torque limiting knob to close and open steel arm
  • ProRide can be installed on either the passenger or driver side of the vehice
  • Wheel trays can slide along the aluminum track to accomodate larger or smaller bikes
  • Can accomodate fat wheel biycles when the fat wheel adapter trays are installed onto the ProRide (fat wheel trays sold separately)
  • The ProRide weighs approx 10lbs, and can carry bicycles up to 44lbs.
  • ProRide an install onto Square Crossbars or AeroBlade Crossbars (Aeroblade installs via square bolt that slides onto the Aeroblade's t-track)
  • Manufacturer's part number: 598003

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