Thule WingBar Evo 118 - Crossbars for Car Roof Rack - 47in/118cm

Thule WingBar Evo 118 - Crossbars for Car Roof Rack - 47in/118cm
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CargoGear Item#:  TH711200
Thule Part: 711200
The Thule Wingbar Evo 118 is a premium aerodynamic load bar that offers the elegance of a quiet ride down the road with the rugged utilitarian qualities of durable, well-engineered tool. Starting off with its aerodynamics, the cut and curve of this crossbar allow it to slice through the air without creating major wind vortices, but it doesn't end there: Thule also introduced the TrailEdge design for this new crossbar which reduces aero-drag by promoting clean air separation by the crossbar. In terms of its utility, the Thule Wingbar Evo is clever and useful. The end caps, Thule SwingBlade, opens up to allow you to slide t-bolts into the t-slot without having to remove the end caps. The Thule BoxBeam design for the crossbar gives it an strong internal structure which has a maximum load capacity of 220 lbs. If you're looking for more Thule products, check out our Thule Gear Page. Manufacturer's part number: 711200

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