2018 NV200 Roof Rack - Complete System - Thule Podium

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2018 NV200 Roof Rack - Complete System - Thule Podium
Overall Rating: 3.8 stars
3.8 stars - 5 reviews
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Fit Notes
  1. This is a 2-bar system that attaches to fixpoints
  2. Attaches to Factory Fixed Points
CargoGear Item#:  THNNV18PD
Thule Parts: 460, KIT3085, LB50
Thule Lock Cylinders, 4 Pack
Surfboard Pads for Roof Rack - Thule square 18"
Thule 834 Hull-a-Port Kayak Carrier
We've put together this complete roof rack package for the 2018 Nissan NV200. Comprised of recommended Thule rack components, this is a great looking rugged roof rack that adds cargo capacity to your van. This Nissan NV200 roof rack comes with everything you need: 4 Podium Feet, 2 Thule classic rectangular load bars, and the fit kit that connects the feet perfectly to your NV200. The kit mounts to the existing fixpoint attachments on your NV200 roof, so you don't have to drill, clamp, or scratch your car in any way. The rack is also removable for a clean look. This custom designed rack will look great with no guesswork. And, you can add extra security with a set of Thule lock cylinders. The Thule Podium feet are all black, and the steel load bars have a durable black plastic coating.
  • Optional: Thule fairing.
  • Bar spacing is 25 inches.
  • Load Capacity of a 2-Bar system is 130 pounds on the 2018 NV200.
  • Backed by Thule's Lifetime Warranty.

NV200 roof rack fixed point location diagramNote: The NV200 has 3 sets of fixed points on the roof. 2 front, 2 middle and 2 rear. The middle of the roof is higher than the front and rear of the roof. The Thule Kit3085 comes with 2 mounts that are the right thickness for the middle set of fixed points (gray arrows in the diagram) and 2 mounts that are the right height for either the front or the rear set of fixed points (black arrows in the diagram). So, the 2 bars may be installed either: front and middle or rear and middle, they cannot be installed in front and rear.

Manufacturer's part numbers: 460, KIT3085, LB50
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5 stars 5 stars - Quality Rack
Written by Crazy Carl, on 7/12/2013

You get what you pay for. Good quality rack, easy installation, very sturdy.

2010 Mazda Mazda3 sedan Roof Rack - Complete System - Thule Podium

5 stars 5 stars - Extremely happy!!
Written by Ryan, on 1/10/2013

We just installed this roof rack today and it fits perfectly! It has a stylish look and was easy to install. Just keep in mind the rubber parts are sloped to match the cars natural curvature. It is sturdy and well built and I can't find anything I don't like about it.

2010 Mazda3 Roof Rack - for fixed points - Complete System - Thule Podium

4 stars 4 stars - Great but noisy
Written by M SIlver, on 7/16/2012

Installation directions were clear. This was the second Thule roof rack system I purchased. It's a great product. Had to wrap a bungee cord around both bars to reduce wind noise.

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4 stars 4 stars - well designed
Written by Rafik, on 4/1/2012

I use it daily to haul my ladder

2010 Mazda3 Roof Rack - for fixed points - Complete System - Thule Podium

1 stars 1 stars - Disappointing
Written by Jim the Runner, on 6/13/2011

I installed this on my 09 Mazda5. It generates a lot of wind noise above 30 mph. The noise disappears if the bars are removed, but this requires removing four covers, loosening eight screws, removing two bar end caps and sliding the bars out of the pedestals which tip and cause the bars to bind. The crappiness of the design infuriates me every time I have to do this. After one year, screws are

Mazda5 Roof Rack - Complete System - Thule Podium

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