2018 NV200 Roof Rack - Complete System - Thule Podium AeroBlade

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2018 NV200 Roof Rack - Complete System - Thule Podium AeroBlade
Overall Rating: 4.5 stars
4.5 stars - 2 reviews
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Fit Notes
  1. This is a 2-bar system that attaches to fixpoints
  2. Attaches to Factory Fixed Points
CargoGear Item#:  THNNV18PDAR
Thule Parts: 460R, KIT3085, ARB47
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We've put together this complete car roof rack for the 2018 Nissan NV200. Comprised of recommended Thule rack components. The Nissan NV200 rack comes with everything you need: 4 Rapid Podium Feet, two 47 inch long Thule AeroBlade aluminum load bars, 4 end caps for the bars, and the fit kit that connects the rack perfectly to your NV200. The kit mounts to the existing fixpoint attachments on your NV200 roof, so you don't have to drill, clamp, or scratch your van in any way. The roof rack is also completely removable. Installation can easily be done by one person and requires a screwdriver and an included hex wrench, just follow the included instructions. The Thule Rapid Podium feet are all black, and the load bars are anodized aluminum with a track for mounting accessories. Fits 2018 Nissan NV200. Bar spacing is 25 inches and Load Capacity of a 2-Bar system is 130 pounds on the NV200.

NV200 roof rack fixed point location diagramNote: The NV200 has 3 sets of fixed points on the roof. 2 front, 2 middle and 2 rear. The middle of the roof is higher than the front and rear of the roof. The Thule Kit3085 comes with 2 mounts that are the right thickness for the middle set of fixed points (gray arrows in the diagram) and 2 mounts that are the right height for either the front or the rear set of fixed points (black arrows in the diagram). So, the 2 bars may be installed either: front and middle or rear and middle, they cannot be installed in front and rear.

Manufacturer's part numbers: 460R, KIT3085, ARB47
CargoGear Reviews - Thule Podium AeroBlade Roof Rack for Cars with Flush Roof Rails or Fixed Points
4 stars 4 stars - Good Rack - Low Noise
Written by Farallon, on 11/14/2014

I have to say that I was pleasently supprised by the Thule Aeroblade. I have put a roof rack on every car that I have ever owned. In the past, I've owned Yakima Round Bar racks and, most reciently, TracRac, a commercial product owned by Thule. Each of these racks produced significant wind noise and had to have farings put on to quiet them down. When I began looking for a rack for my new car, I was interested in two things, strength and quiet running. The position of my car's sun roof makes it impossible to have a faring, so whatever rack I purchased would have to be quiet without one. Previously, I've shied away from consumer Thule products because of the premium price that they put on their racks. When I began shopping this time, however, only two companies made racks to fit my BMW X1, Thule and Rhino Rack. Both made Aerodynamic cross bars that were advertised to reduce noise and both had a high load capasity. In the end, I went with Thule eventhough it was a bit pricier, because it had a sleeker appearance and a greater number of user reviews said that they did not experience much wind noise. It tooke me about an hour to put on for the first time, but now that I know what I'm doing, I can do it in about 15-20 minutes. I've had the rack on my car for nearly a month now. In that time, I've used it to carry a kayak and lumber, without problem. The rack is sturdy and looks nice on the car. Additionally, there is very little wind noise. With the sunroof shade closed, I can decern no difference in noise with it on or off, even at highway speed. With the shade open, there is a very slight increase in wind noise, but nothing to really worry about. In short, I'm very pleased with the rack. I only wish it could be ordered in black.

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5 stars 5 stars - Awesome Product! Easy Assembly!!
Written by Nic, on 6/12/2013

Looks great on the vehicle! Great quality!

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