Raptor Aero frame grip roof bike rack

Raptor Aero frame grip roof bike rack
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CargoGear Item#:  YKBKRRPT
Yakima Part: 8002093
Yakimas Raptor-Aero is a bike rack that attaches to a car's roof rack. It has two straps that secure the front and back tires of your bicycle, and it has a locking mechanism too. There are two poles that are attached to the bottom of the wheel tray that rise up and wrap around the frame of your bicycle. The Raptor-Aero is specifically designed to maintain the integrity of the bicycle, by making sure that it is 100% secure. Along with this, the Raptor-Aero is compatible with SKS Lock Cores, which are sold separately, so you can leave the car with the knowledge and self-assurance, that your bicycle is safe. The Raptor-Aero can lock onto whisp, round, square, and factory bars. It comes standard in a fine black finish. The RapterAero is compatible to bicycles with the traditional diamond frame as well as bicycles that have fenders. The Raptor-Aero accommodates 1" to 3" diameter down tubes and it weighs about 8 lbs. Ultimately, this bicycle rack covers all the holes and is essential in transporting a single bicycle without having to ride it there. Manufacturer's part number: 8002093

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