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SeatSaver seat covers from Covercraft®, the trusted name in seat covers, protecting your seats from dirt, spills, UV damage and day in and day out heavy-duty use. If you love your truck, SUV or muscle car, you need SeatSavers. Covercraft has been crafting custom fit automotive protection products for over 50 years. They take custom fit seriously; SeatSavers fit 65 different seat types and are cut from thousands of unique patterns. SeatSavers are available in 15 different fabrics and colors. For an overview of the styles of SeatSaver that are available check out CargoGear's SeatSaver page.

SeatSaverTM seat covers (with the exception of waterproof) are made of comfortable breathable material and are machine washable. The breathable fabric prevents them for being sticky and sweaty. The fabric is treated with a durable water repellent , DWR. Besides protecting your seats from spills the DWR actually makes the fabric more breathable by preventing the wetting out of the fabric. SeatSavers will get softer and more comfortable over time and with washing. Re-treatment with a commercial DWR spay may become necessary after many washings.

Polycotton and High Performance seat covers in solid colors and TrueTimber® camo are made of a heavy duty drill weave fabric . Carhartt® seat covers in Carhartt gray, Carhart brown and RealTree® Camo are made of Carhartt duck fabric .

Waterproof SeatSavers are made of non-breathable waterproof polyester. They offer maximum protection from liquid spill but may be less comfortable, sweaty and sticky. They are not machine washable. They must be hand washed and hang to dry.

To configure a SeatSaver for your truck or SUV visit the CargoGear SeatSaver configuration page. For SeatSaver seat covers for select Muscle cars please visit CargoGear's SeatSaver HP configuration page.

All SeatSavers share great features:
  • Double stitched stress seams (Carhartt has triple stitching)
  • Headrest covers
  • Armrest and console as needed and as ordered
  • Seat control cutouts
  • Seatbelt access points if necessary
  • Storage pocket on the back of the front seat covers
  • 1 year warranty (Carhartt has 2 year)

Covercraft history SeatSaver product information from 1981
SeatSaver seat covers have been around for more than 25 years. Oiginal SeatSaver product information sheets from 1981.
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