Thule Traverse Car Roof Racks

Thule Traverse roof rack systems. Thule base rack systems for cars with a bare roof. 


Thule Traverse 480R AeroBlade roof rack with silver bars installed on a Toyota Venza.
Traverse rack with optional fairing installed. Fairing reduces noise and improves aerodynamics
Thule Traverse 480 rectangular cross-bar roof rack with optional fairing.
Thule Traverse rack with balck AeroBlade crossbars on car with door open
Traverse 480R roof rack with Black AeroBlade cross-bars. On car with door open.

The Traverse car roof base rack system is Thule's roof rack that is secured by clamping to the door openings. The Traverse system is available with aerodynamic aluminum load bars, they come in both silver and black; it is also available with rectangular steel load bars that have a thick black plastic coating.

CargoGear puts together complete base rack systems for specific vehicles. These system include all of the components required for two solidly attached crossbars on the car roof. The base rack cross-bars can be used by themselves or with specialized carriers (also called mounts) to suit particular cargo. Add a roof cargo bag for carrying gear on vacation or install bicycle carriers, a kayak mount or other sporting gear carriers for an outdoor adventure.

The Traverse rack, since it clamps to the door openings,  is typically installed on vehicles with a bare roof (aka normal roof, naked roof), but it is sometimes installed over smaller factory installed roof rails, for example the Traverse rack is the Thule rack that is available for the Jeep Grand Cherokee with roof rails.

The crossbar locations and load capacity are specific to the vehicle. They are determined by the shape and strength of the roof of the vehicle. On most 2-door cars an additional component called a short roof adapter is required to give the crossbar adequate spacing.

The Traverse rack is designed to be installed by the consumer, a professional installer is not required. A measuring tape and a hex key are the only tools needed to install the rack and they are included in the kit. The hex key even has a torque indicator so you know when the rack is tightened down properly.

Everything is designed so that it will not damage your car. Once installed it can be easily uninstalled and reinstalled in just a few minutes.

The rack system is comprised of three main components (2-door cars need one more):

Traverse 480 rack system foot Traverse 480R rapid rack system foot 1) Traverse rack feet, these come in types, Traverse 480 for rectangular steel crossbars and Traverse Rapid 480R for the aerodynamic Thule AeroBlade cross-bars. The rack feet attach to the crossbars and have mount plates on the bottom for the rubber pads. The articulated clamping mechanism that clamps the rack to the car is behind a hinging door. For security a Thule One-Key lock cylinder can be used to lock the door closed. The Traverse foot door has a plastic knockout that cover the lock location.

Typical traverse rubber pads that protect the roof of the car Typical Thule Traverse fit hook 2) The Traverse fit Kit. The kit consists of rubber pads and rubber dip coated steel hooks The pads are contoured to fit the roof of the specific vehicle, and the hooks are designed to fit the shape of the door opening. They will not damage your car in any way. Thule racks are the best, and the quality starts with a great fit to your car, Thule fits are the best.

Black AeroBlade crossbars Aeroblade endcap with door part way open 3) The rack cross-bars. The Traverse system is available with either the aluminum AeroBlade crossbars or the rectangular steel crossbars. The load capacity is the same for both. The AeroBlade bars are quiet and efficient, and longer bar than the recommended may not be possible. While the rectangular bar are the most compatible with accessories and offer a greater selection of longer lengths.

AeroBlade crossbars have a T-slot in the top that runs the length of the bar. Some accessories can be installed to the T-slot for a super clean look. The end caps have a flip open door that facilitates easy access to the T-slot for adding or removing cargo accessories. Silver AeroBlade Crossbar

Diagram showing the primary components of the Thule Traverse rack system. The rubber pads, fit hook, rack foot, load bar, tightening mechanism, and lock location.
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