TracRac Truck Rack Accessories

TracRac SR accessories

Base Rail Track Tie-Downs$75.95
Basetrack Tie-Downs are high quality heavy duty tie-downs that can be installed any of TracRac's base rail tracks. The knob can be replaced with the TracRac locking knob so that only you can reposition them. Sold by the pair.
TracRac Locking Knobs$59.95
TracRac Locking knobs keep your TracStuff where it belongs. Simply unscrew the original knob and screw in the locking knob. The knobs work by disengaging the knob from the bolt when locked. When unlocked, the knob works just like the standard knob. Sold by the pair.
TracRac Toolbox Mounts$79.95
TracRac toolbox mounts install on the inside horizontal base rail track and allow for mounting a saddle style tool box. Once installed the toolbox can be easily repositioned by sliding it along the base rail. Slide it right off to remove it. The positioning knobs are inside your toolbox so your toolbox remains secure. Sold by the pair.

TracRac Multi-Fit Accessories

FITS: TracRac SRT-Rac Pro2TracONETracUtility

TracRac Cantilever Over-Cab extension, extends 32 inches over truck cab. It comes in 2 sizes, choose your truck with the CargoGear TracRac SR Configurator or the CargoGear T-Rac Pro2 Configurator and the correct size cantilver will be listed as an accessory. The TracONE uses the compact over-cab extension.
FITS: TracRac SRT-Rac Pro2TracVanCapRacTracONETracUtility

TracRac Cross-Bar Tie-Downs$69.95
Sliding crossbar tiedowns provide fully adjustable lateral support and tie points for all TracRac truck rack crossbars. Powder coated castings. Works with TracRac, T-Rac, TracVan ES and TracUtility. Sold by the pair

NOTE: These fit TracRac products manufactured prior to 2018. For newer TracRac SR, T-Rac Pro2 TracVan ES and TracUtility use Thule 502 Load Stops instead.
CargoBuckle Retractable Ratchet For TracRac$69.95
G3 bolt on retractable ratchet straps are the best ratchets straps avaialble, perfect for a TracRac. This pair of G3s includes SS T-Bolts, washers and locking nuts for bolting them to the cross-bar of TracRac aluminum cross-bars. Pull the spring loaded strap, hook it to your cargo and pump the handle. Sold in pairs.

NOTE: These fit TracRac products manufactured prior to 2018. For newer TracRac SR, T-Rac Pro2 TracVan ES and TracUtility use TracRac G3 XT tiedowns instead.

TracRac Utility Rack Accessory

4 FT base track extension for TracUtility$149.95
This utility rack extension track is designed to fit between the 2 ft base track section that come with TracUtility making one continuous 8 ft track. It includes spline that hld the 2 ft sections and the 8 ft section line up. This is a single section of track.

TracRac Replacement Hardware

TracRac nyloc nutTracRac T-bolt TracRac SR overhead rack knobTracRac Pocket nuts
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TracRac truck rack are designed to last a lifetime. CargoGear carries lots of TracRac parts and hardware to help keep your TracRac in service. If we don't have what you are looking for let us know and we will see if we can get it.

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