TracRac Sliding Rack Details

TracRac SR sliding rack system installed on pickup truck with overhead racks slid forward allowing nearly full access to truck bed. TracRac SR sliding rack with overhead racks slid forward. The front and rear racks slide on different tracks so they can nest together.
Close up of TracRac Baserail.TracRac twin track baserail with endcap, safety bolts. It is a beefy aluminum extrusion that reinforces the truck bed rails for a 1250 lbs rack capacity.
Close up of the hollow rubber stake pocket block used to attach TracRac baserails to the truck bed.On trucks with stake pockets the TracRac SR installs with hollow rubber expansion blocks (far superior the the solid kind) that really expand when squeezed by the 3/8 inch SS bolt and 1.75 x 1.15 x .25 inch pocket nut.
Close up of TracRac SR sliding rack base.TracRac sliding rack base. The base is an aluminum casting that comes pre-fastened to the extruded aluminum standard. It has a low friction insert so the racks slide smoothly without damage to the base rails. The 3/8 inch bolt of the knob has a plastic tip to prevent damage to the baserail.
Close up of the cast aluminum saddle that attaches the rack standard to the rack crossbar. A crossbar load-stop/tiedown is attached to the T-slot of the crossbar. The location of the load-stop is adjustable by loosening a knob and sliding.Cast aluminum saddles secure the crossbars to the rack corners. The saddle comes pre-assembed to the standard, ie the rack corners come preassembled. The crossbar has a full length T-Slot so the cast aluminum load-stop/tie point may be easily relocated anywhere along the length of the crossbar. There are pictures with measurements of the crossbar in the CargoGear Crossbar Roundup.






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