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Trail FX Truck Tailgate Liner and Protector

Trail FX Truck Tailgate Liner and Protector
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Trail FX Tailgate Liners protect your truck bed from scratches and damage while loading or carrying cargo. Constructed of thick ribbed ABS plastic, each tailgate protector is custom molded to fit an individual truck model, so it has a perfect fit. Unlike some other truck tailgate protectors, the Trail FX liner uses the existing mounting holes and hardware in your pickup's tailgate whenever possible, so installation is easy and requires less drilling into your truck. Whether you already have a bedliner or you just want to cover your beat up tailgate, the Trail FX Tailgate Liner adds a smooth look and extra protection to your pickup truck bed. It even has molded in cup holders for tailgating! Backed by Trail FX with a Lifetime Warranty. Free Shipping! in contiguous USA.

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Chevy C/K Series pickup, 1988-1998$82.00
Chevy Colorado, 2004-2012$82.00
Chevy S-10 pickup, 1994-2003$82.00
Chevy Silverado 1500 Crew Cab, 2004-2006$82.00
Chevy Silverado 1500, 2014-2015$82.00
Chevy Silverado 2500 and 3500, 2015$82.00
Chevy Silverado, 1999-2006$82.00
Chevy Silverado, 2007-2013$82.00
Dodge Dakota 6.5 ft bed, 1998-2004$82.00
Dodge Dakota 6.5 ft bed, 2005-2007$82.00
Dodge Ram 1500, 2009-2015$82.00
Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500, 2010-2015$82.00
Dodge Ram DR (2500 and 3500 only), 2002-2009$82.00
Dodge Ram DR 1500, 2002-2008$82.00
Dodge Ram T300 (2500 and 3500 only), 2002$82.00
Dodge Ram T300, 1995-2001$82.00
Ford F-150 (not Flareside), 2009-2014$82.00
Ford F-150 (not Flareside), 2015$82.00
Ford F-150 pickups, 1997-2003$82.00
Ford F-150 SuperCrew, 2000-2003$82.00
Ford Ranger, 1997-2011$82.00
Ford SuperDuty, 1997-2015$82.00
GMC C/K Series pickup, 1988-1998$82.00
GMC Canyon, 2004-2012$82.00
GMC S-15 and Sonoma, 1994-2003$82.00
GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab, 2004-2006$82.00
GMC Sierra 1500, 2014-2015$82.00
GMC Sierra 2500 and 3500, 2015$82.00
GMC Sierra, 1999-2006$82.00
GMC Sierra, 2007-2013$82.00
Mitsubishi Raider, 2006-2009$82.00
Toyota Tundra, 2007-2010$82.00

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