Car Organizer for Dog Gear

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CargoGear Item#:  TADORG
HighRoad Part: HR-DG-101
High Road Wag N Ride Dog Waste Bag Dispenser - Black
Collapsible Dog Bowl
High Road Wag N Ride Car Seatbelt Tether for Pet - Black with Dogbone Pattern
The High Road Doggie Organizer keeps your dog accoutrements organized in your car. Going to the park or traveling with your dog has never been easier. This stylish and handy doggie organizer has enough space for everything you and your dog need for your favorite excursion outdoors. The center compartment can hold up to 24 cups of dry dog food; It measures 8.75 inch long, 4 inches wide and 10 inches high. The opening of the center compartment has a doctor's bag style closure and a strong steel spring frame to hold the compartment securely open or closed, it measures a generous 7.5 inches long by 4.5 inches wide. The side mesh pocket is a perfect fit for a water bottle to keep your pup hydrated. On the other side, the organizer has a side scoop pocket with a false bottom, below which is a dog waste bag dispenser that fits rolls that are 2 inches in diameter and 4 inches long. There is a 8.75 x 8 inch front pocket if you still have more things to bring. The organizer has an adjustable strap with a quick release buckle that is just great for hanging from the headrest of your car, your shoulder, a door-knob or a hook in the coat closet. Stylish dogbone motif trim, and a metal dogbone pull tab on the center compartment. Manufacturer's part number: HR-DG-101
CargoGear Reviews
5 stars5 stars - This is a GREAT product!l Well made & user friendly!
Written by , on 8/4/2016

Excellent product - I use this for all of my service dog's needs! It holds a good amount of supplies & equipment, but hugs the back of the seat well. Easy access - I always keep water, portable water pouches, poop bags, etc. with us and everything fits well. No groping around looking for lost items. All in one place. I bought another cargo carrier after receiving the first one. Both vehicles are now well equipped!

5 stars5 stars - Love the High Road Doggy Organizer!
Written by , on 12/11/2014

This doggy organizer is a tremendous value and is incredibly useful! I had dog supplies bouncing all over the back seat. Now they are neatly organized and ready when we hit the road with the dog. This is also a great gift idea for pet owners.

5 stars5 stars - Very helpful item
Written by , on 10/1/2014

I have several leashes for my pup in the car. Plus an extra collar, dog walk bags, water bottles and treats. This organizer is beyond helpful. It prevents the water bottles from rolling all over the car. I can easily find leashes or collars and everything for the pup is in one place.

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