Rhino Rack Vortex RS 2500 Series Roof Racks

The awesome new roof rack from Rhino Rack. The Vortex RS racks feature a aerodynamic Vortex cross-bars and the new flush fitting OEM style roof rack legs. $332.10 CONFIGURE A RACK FOR YOUR CAR

Rhino Rack Vortex RS roof rack on the roof of a Prius C.
Vortex RS roof rack leg close up installed on Grand Cherokee

The rugged Rhino Rack Vortex RS cross-bars fit smoothly into the rack feet so the cross-bars don't stick out. The Vortex RS rack is customized to fit specific cars.Vortex cross bar close up showing VRX strip that siliences the aerodynamic crossbars. The aerodynamic Vortex cross-bars are available in either silver or black they include the VRX rubber strip that virtually eliminates wind noise, a problem with many rack cross-bars.Vortex cross bar with vortex defeating VRX strip The crossbars are cut to a specific length and the flush fitting legs are pre-installed by Rhino Rack so the rack is easy to install. The included fit kit has rubber pads shaped to fit your car roof and rubber lined clamps that are shaped to fit your car door opening. Locks and keys are included. The top photo is a Vortex RS installed on a Prius C and the photo to the left is RS rack installed on a Grand Cherokee.

RhinoRack Vortex RS Roof Rack Installation SUMMARY diagram.

Diagram of istall summary showing important steps to install a Rhino Rack Vortex Roof Rack
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