Fixed Point Car Roof Racks

Fixed Points Car Roof Racks

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Fixed Point Roof rack - specifies the means of attachment of a roof rack to a car roof. Some cars notably: many Mazdas, BMWs, Teslaa, some Mercedes, some Subarus come with fixed points. Fixed points are attachment points in the roof for attaching roof racks. It is really a great way to attach an aftermarket roof rack, it is a strong attachment that usually look great.The fixed points typically have flush fitting plastic covers and are located in places that minimize thier appearance. The plastic covers often have an arrow molded into them indicating which way to slide the cover to remove it. Beneath the cover is a threaded hole that is integrated into the structure of the car roof. The fixed point roof rack typically consists of 3 main components: the rack cross-bars, the rack feet and specialized kit of hardware and pad for the particular vehicle. In most cases a rubber pad with a hole in it is placed over the fixed point and a metal plate sits on top of the rubber pad and is bolted down to the fixed point. The rack foot then attaches to the metal plate, often with a release mechinism so the rack can be easily removed while leaving the mounting plates in place, a cover is typically provided.  Fixed Point Picture on car.
Diagram showing fixed point locationsDiagram showing a basic fixed point install method
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