Roof Racks for Cars with Flush Roof Rails

Flush Rail Car Roof Racks

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flush roof rail rack diagram
Flush rail roof rack towers (feet) generally clamp to the rail in some way. There are many different clamping methods and specialized hardware for the many shapes of flush roof rails. The diagram above is just one example how such an attachment.
Flush Rail Roof rack - refers to the method of attachment of a roof rack to a car or SUV roof. Raised rails are rails on a car roof that run parallel to the length of the car, there is one on each side. Flush - means not raised,that is there is not vertical space between the bottom of the rail and the roof of the car, (it does not mean flat), the standard test is: you cannot wrap your hand around the rail because there is no room under it. Raised roof rails are usualy found on SUVs and on station wagons. A raised-rail roof rack consists of three main components: the rack cross-bars, the rack feet (sometimes called stays or towers), and a vehicle specific pad and hardware kit. The hardware kit contains specialized hardware that attaches to the rails and to the feet offten by squeezing the rail like a vise. They can sometimes be positioned wherever desired along the flush rails. The protectiveness of this clamping is an issue, but not so much as for raised rails since the flush rails are often not visible from ground level.
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