Roof Racks for Cars with Raised Rails

Raised Rail Car Roof Racks

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Detail diagram or how a roof rack attaches to a bare car roof. The rack stay or foot, rubber base pad, fit hook, car roof and door opening.
Inno's FR raised rail roof rack installed on one of our CargoCrew's Subaru. The racks sits on a thick rubber pad colored blue and a rubber covered steel strap colored red wraps around the raised rail. The paddle hinges up to tighten or loosen the strap. A locking cover, not shown, conceals the mechanism.
You can put your hand under raised roof rails
Raised Roof Rails
Flush rails are not flat, they have no space between them and the car roof, you cannot put your hand under them
Flush Roof Rails
Raised Rail Roof rack - refers to the method of attachment of a roof rack to a car or SUV roof. Raised rails are rails on a car roof that run parallel to the length of the car, there is one on each side. Raised - means that there is vertical space between the bottom of the rail and the roof of the car, (it does not mean not flush), the standard test is can you wrap your hand all the way around the rail, if your hand were big enough. Raised roof rails are typically on SUVs of all sizes and on some station wagons you don't see many on sedans. A raised-rail roof rack consists of two main components: the rack cross-bars and the rack feet (sometimes called stays or towers). The rack feet clamp around the raised roof rails. They can usually be positioned wherever desired along the rails. The feet clamp to the rails in one of two ways: the foot is tighened around the rail by a rubber coated metal bracket opposing a rubber pad, and rubber encased metal strap wraps under the rail and is tighened by a mechanism that effectively shortens the strap, like a belt. The protectiveness of this clamping is a considerable issue, particularly if the crossbars are not going to be on all the time.
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